Wedding Ring Set Recovered on Pass-A-Grille Beach, Florida

Right place at the right time for this recovery
SRARC member Paul Hill was detecting Pass a Grille Beach when he was told by some swimmers that a young lady had lost her wedding ring set.  Heading that way he saw about 6 swimmers with masks on trying to help her find her rings.  Paul listened to Britney explain that she thought she lost it while swimming in the general area.  Paul got right to work and searched the area around where everyone was.  With no luck, Paul asked Britney if she felt it come off or just realized it was gone? Thinking back she wasn’t positive but it might have come off as she dove into the water.  Paul then asked where her beach chair was located so he could deduce where she would have entered the water.  With things lined up another grid pattern was established.  Working the grid Paul made a few more passes and got close to the shore and heard a slight grunt in about 2 feet of water.  One scoop later the wedding band was found and the engagement ring was found within a foot of that.  Britney’s mom verified that those were it and called her daughter and fiancé that the rings had been found and they can cancel their trip to rent a metal detector.  Britney was so excited to get her rings back as their wedding is planned for the end of July.
SRARC sends best wishes to the bride and groom.

Paul Ring Paul