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Gold and Diamond Wedding Ring Lost, Found and Returned in Bradenton, Florida

Gold and Diamond Wedding Ring Lost, Found and Returned in Bradenton, Florida

Diane found SRARC through the Ring Finders Web site a few days after her husband had lost his gold and diamond wedding ring while working on the Christmas decorations in the front yard. He had been moving the reindeer into an area full of small bushes. He first stumbled and fell into the bushes and then fell again onto the grass as he was leaving the bushes. When he finished, he walked a block away to the mailboxes, retrieved the mail, and returned home. Later that evening he noticed that his wedding band was missing. They looked all around where he had been with no luck so Diane began to look for help on the internet.

She called Tom as soon as she found SRARC and  Mike was dispatched to see if he could find the ring. After covering the bushes, the yard, and even the grass along the sidewalk to the mailboxes with no result, Mike decided to go over the front yard one more time. In about 10 feet he hit a good tone and sure enough there was the ring. Don’t know how he missed it the first time but was sure glad he decided to go over the ground a second time.

Diane and her husband were overjoyed to have his wedding band back on his hand in time for Christmas. Srarc wishes them a very Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year!!!!!!

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The Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service-Tampa Bay Area

Lost Something Important? We can HELP!

The Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service in the Tampa area  can help locate you lost engagement ring, wedding ring, favorite piece of jewelry, family heirloom, or other important personal item.

We can search virtually any location, some of the most common are parks, beaches, creeks, and even your own back yard. If you lost your RING or other precious item “Don’t Wait-Call Now!”                                        SRARC

Don’t Wait…..Call now!

Wedding Ring Returned on Anna Maria Island, Florida

Zoran was playing soccer with his buddies at the Anna Maria Community club when a pass came his direction. He reached out to block it and the ball hit his hand and bounced off. A few minutes later he realized his wedding ring was missing. One of the other guy’s mentioned to him that he saw a flash of something flying through the air when the ball had hit Zoran’s hand. They all stopped playing and got down on their hands and knees to search for the ring. No one could see it. The next day Zoran came back, climbed the fence and search again. He had no luck but one of his buddies said he knew someone who could help.

Zoran contacted Stan Flack who in turn contacted Mike Miller. Mike organized a hunt for Saturday morning and both Mike and Jerry Schneider showed up at the Community Club at 9:00 am. Zoran arrived a few minutes later and showed them the general location where the ring had been lost. Jerry and Mike went to work and about 10 minutes later Jerry called out “I got it!!!!”

Zoran was extremely happy and could not believe how quickly we found it. Congratulations team SRARC and especially to Jerry who has now recovered his first ring on a SRARC hunt.

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Diamond Stud Earring Rescued from the Lawn in Parrish, Florida

“There is nothing like the original”
Quote by owner Mike
This recovery is a little more special to one SRARC member.
Cameron was going to do her husband Mike a favor and mow the lawn for him since he has been so busy and she was heading out of town for a “girls weekend”. When she was finished, she headed into the house and heard something hit the kitchen floor. She was horrified to see the back of her diamond earring but not the earring itself. She looked frantically but was unable to find it anywhere. Thinking back, she recalled her hat being knocked off by a low hanging oak limb while she was mowing the lawn. The search was on again. After a week, she asked Mike to call Paul Hill, a good friend from their High School days who she knew did metal detecting. Mike called and caught Paul at nearby Holmes Beach in Anna Maria with fellow SRARC member Mike Miller. The beach was getting too rough to detect so after swinging by Mike Miller’s house to get a couple of different detectors they headed over to Mike and Cameron’s to begin the search. Now earrings are one of the hardest things to find since there is very little metal surrounding the stone. Unfortunately, Cameron had just dropped off the matching earring at the jeweler’s to get a replacement appraisal. This means that Mike and Paul didn’t have one to calibrate their detectors to such a small target. The hunt went on for about an hour and a half when Mike casually said…”I got it”. Wait…What? Of course a little teasing was in order since neither Cameron nor Mike were nearby to hear the good news. Hugs and high fives were flowing freely as the reality of what just happened settled in. When it was all said and done, Cameron was shedding tears of joy! Screw backs are in her future! Paul was extremely relieved to be able to have a successful recovery for such a dear friend!
Mike Miller and his Gold Bug were the team of the day!

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Engagement Ring Lost Then Returned at Bahia Beach, Ruskin, Florida

Melissa decided to that the kids to Bahia Beach to get them out before it got too hot. As she was packing things up to leave for lunch she went to the water edge to rinse off some beach toys. After packing all their things away she notice that her engagement ring was missing from her finger. She went through the beach bags, clothing and towels but the ring was not there. She began searching the sand but not luck finding the ring. She called her husband to break the bad news. He immediately got on the computer and found Theringfinders. Tom Jones called Melissa who was still at the beach and arranged to meet her there.

Tom arrived and started hunting the water area where Melissa said she washed off the toys which would be the most likely spot to lose the ring. After 20 minutes hunting and no ring, Tom started searching the dry sand from where her beach chair was down to the water. After two passes Tom looked over to Melissa and said, “Wow! You weren’t kidding when you said it was a nice big ring. At that time she ran over and broke out in tears of joy and said, “You don’t know how much this ring means to me.” She then gave Tom a big hug.

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Engagement Ring Recovered at Coquina Beach, Bradenton Beach, FLorida

Dianna, her fiancée Robby and three friends were out at Coquina Beach on Sunday evening to watch the sunset and play in the surf.  They were out about waist deep tossing a football when the ball came Dianna’s way. As she lunged to catch it she felt her engagement ring fly off. They all searched frantically for a couple hours but could not find it. The next morning Dianna found SRARC tagged on Facebook and clicked onto our website. She called Mike Miller and he scheduled a hunt for later that day. Tom Jones, Ed Osmar and Mike came together and met with Dianna at the beach at 2:00 pm. Dianna gave them the story and laid out the location she thought they should hunt. The group went to work and about 10 minutes later Mike found the ring right in the area Dianna had specified. When Tom gave her the thumbs up she could not believe it. We were just as happy returning her ring to her as she was to have it back on her finger. Just another great day at the beach with smiles all around.

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Longboat Key Saint Christopher Pendant Recovered

Down in Florida from Michigan with his family for spring break, 8th grader, Spencer was soaking up the sun on his towel on the beach. Getting a little to hot he decided to take a dip in the water. He carefully removed his Saint Christopher’s pendant and placed it on his towel. Off he went for a swim and more beach activities with his family. When they were done for the day they picked all their beach items up and headed to the condo. Later that evening Spencer realized that he no longer had his Saint Christopher’s pendant. The whole family looked all around where they had placed their towels on the beach but could not find the pendant. After a couple day’s Spencer’s Mom, Karen, checked in at the lost and found department and happened to talk to an attendant that was around two months earlier when SRARC had recovered a wedding ring at the same complex. He gave her our number and she contacted Mike Miller on Sunday morning just as her son was leaving for home. Mike went right down and began a search. There were two possibilities so he thoroughly searched the most likely place first and when nothing showed up they moved to the second location. Just as Mike began the search Karen exclaimed, “there it is”, and plucked it out of the sand. SRARC didn’t find it this time, but I think we were the catalyst that helped Karen find it. It doesn’t matter who found it, it is the smiles that were on their faces after it was found that count. SRARC is happy we could be a small part of putting the smiles back on their faces.

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Beer Can Island, Tampa Bay Recovery

Alex, his wife Lindsay and their daughter Charlie were spending the day relaxing in their boat at Beer Can Island in Tampa Bay. Lindsay was catching some sunshine up on the sand and Alex and Charlie were standing knee deep in the water next to the boat. Alex decided to move his wedding ring from one finger to the next and to do it had smeared suntan lotion all over his knuckle. As he pressed against the ring it slipped up over the knuckle and flew off into the water.

He immediately called out for the sand sifter that Charlie had been using up on the beach. They dug and dug trying to find the ring but could not find it. After a while they decided that it was just gone. They jumped into the boat and headed across the bay toward home. On the way, Charlie (5 years old) was setting between her Mom and Dad. She looked up into her Dad’s eyes and sweetly said “Don’t worry Daddy, Mom and I well go to the jewelry store and get you a new one.” That just melted Daddy’s heart. When they got home Alex went about cleaning the boat and Lindsay and Charlie went into the house. Out of desperation Lindsay posted what had happened on the Beer Can Island Facebook support site. Soon she got a reply from someone we had recovered a ring for last winter. She told Lindsay to contact “these guys, they are great.”  Lindsay contacted us on our Facebook page and soon we were scheduled for a hunt.

Alex met Rick Magyar, Rick’s wife Judy, and Mike Miller at the boat ramp along with two of his Fireman co-workers. What a bunch of great guy’s. They ferried us out to the island, showed us where they thought the ring had dropped and we went to work. After about an hour, Mike found the ring. He turned around and gave Rick the “thumbs up” signal. Alex was right next to Rick and Rick decided to mess with him a little bit. Rick said loudly that he was giving up and that we would not be able to find the ring. Alex bought it hook, line, and sinker and his head dropped in disappointment. When he looked up he saw Mike doing a jig down the beach and instantly realized what was up. We all got a great laugh out of game and then I dropped the ring into his hand. The laughter turned into handshakes, hugs, and great big SMILES.

What a great day with great people

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Platium and Diamonds recovered at Anna Maria Island, Florida

Ed Osmar and Rick Magyar, were  metal detecting on Anna Maria Island at Holmes Beach. Ed went North, Rick went south. Soon Rick was approached by a woman and asked if he could look for a lost ring. ($1000.00 reward if found). Rick went to get Ed and get his wet suit out of the car so he could go in deep water.  Ed went in shallow water. Fifteen minutes later the ring was found by Ed.  About 2 hours later the ring was returned to the owner’s mother-in-law. She was prepared to give us a check for $1000.00.  We would not accept the gift; however we did suggest she might make a donation to our club, Suncoast Research and Recovery Club, if she wished. It turns out that she was the mother-in-law of the owner so we texted a picture of the ring to the owner so that he could identify it as the one he lost. Needless to say, he was quite happy! She will be returning the ring to the owner who lives in Michigan.

We at SRARC are very proud of both Rick and ED for a great recovery.



Longboat Key Wedding Band Recovery

Steve, his wife Nancy, daughter Nicole, and son-in-law Aaron came down from Chicago to escape the cold winter weather up north. Aaron was setting in a lounge chair enjoying the sun and decided it was time to get some sun lotion on. He pulled his wedding band off his hand and set it on his lap and proceeded to spread the sun lotion on his body. Before he could finish he received a phone call and was deep in conversation when he stood up and began to pace in the sand. Suddenly he realized that he had forgotten about the ring in his lap. He and the whole family searched frantically in the sand and Aaron even dug a deep wide hole where he believed it should be. They searched to no avail for a couple hours until it was time for Aaron and Nicole to leave for the airport.

Steve and Nancy stayed and later that day were talking to one of the pool staff about losing the ring. He mentioned that they should Google the internet for someone that might have a metal detector and would come and help search for the ring. Steve found Ring Finders and then picked SRARC to contact. Tom Jones called Mike Miller to see if he was available and Mike responded right away. Steve and Nancy meet Mike at the site and had an area of about 20 sq. ft. marked out in which they thought the ring must be. In about 10 minutes Mike heard the sound of a ring and sure enough out it came on the first dig.

There were lots of smiles to go around. Steve called Aaron right away and he was very happy and relieved that we had recovered his ring. I just never get tired of seeing the smiles when we are able to return a sentimental piece to the owner.



Apollo Beach Recovery

Jana had just returned from an outing on Tampa Bay in her kayak and was getting out at her floating dock. As she stepped from the kayak to the dock she felt her wedding band slip from her finger and watched it drop into the water at the edge of the dock. She dove down and looked for any hint of a shiny object but her feet stirred up the bottom silt and there was nothing to be seen. Next she found someone with scuba gear and tried diving without stirring up the water but still could not see her ring. She made a query on Facebook and someone in her area suggested she contact SRARC. We responded with a small team because of the small area to be searched. Paul Hill and Mike Miller arrived at 7:30 am to catch the low tide. Paul went in with his brand new dry suit and within 5 minutes had the ring. Jana was surprised and very pleased to have her wedding band back on her finger in such a short time and we were happy to have been a part of returning it to her finger. By 7:45 am we were on our way back home. Awesome job Paul !!!!!!!!

I also want to thank our other Ring Finder members that volunteered to come on this recovery but were not needed because of the small area of this hunt. We really appreciate your willingness to help in our recovery efforts.

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