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Platinum Wedding Band Lost Jumping off Cottage Boathouse Roof, Lake of Bays, Baysville, Muskoka, Ontario Lakes

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

Lost platinum wedding band jumping off boathouse roof.

Adam and his family were enjoying a lovely weekend at the Family cottage on Lake of Bays in the beautiful Muskoka’s cottage country. It also happened to be his wedding anniversary.

Adam decided to jump off the top of the boathouse into the water below. When he surfaced, his platinum wedding band was missing.

One of Adam’s Friends across the lake had mentioned me, as I recovered another lost wedding band for one of their mutual Friends in Otty Lake, Ottawa.

The water depth where the ring ended up was unknown but Adam felt it was definitely over 10’ deep.

I proceeded to use my Dive BLU3 Nomad air supply system with a hose length 30’ depth. Unfortunately, the Nomad unit was not operating properly as I was taking in water. I then switched to my smaller unit the NEMO for a hose reach 10’ depth. I managed to hear the tone of the platinum ring with a reach of 3’. Do I completed some temporary repairs to the Nomad unit and went back in the water.

After a few minutes back in the water I re-located the tone of platinum and recovered his wedding band.

I’d like to thank Adam and his family for their generous donation to the Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation! Not only did he receive his wedding band, but he also received a tax receipt for his donation!

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