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Prescription Ray Ban sunglasses lost in the waters of Lake Muskoka, Port Carling, ON

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

Had a message from repeat customers Ellen & Stephen that their Friends were visiting their home in Port Carling.

Their Friend tried out the paddle board and unfortunately tumbled into the water just off the dock area dropping his prescription Ray Ban sunglasses into the water below. The depth was approximately 8’ deep with half decent visibility and they knew the exact area.

I used my Dive BLU3 Nemo battery operated hookah system which has a 10’ hose and was perfect for this recovery.

I proceeded to the area and caught a glimpse of the inside white portion of the plastic arms in a matter of 10 seconds!

Check out the video here;

An awesome surprise to Ellen & Stephen to recovery their Friends prescription Ray Ban sunglasses in such little time and not even needing my underwater metal detector!

Thank you Ellen & Stephen for your donation to the Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation as part of my pay-it-forward fundraising efforts!

I use my passion for metal / scuba / hookah dive detecting to raise donations as I’n in my 14th year participating for this wonderful charity!