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Lost Sailboat Keel in Alport Bay, Lake Muskoka, Gravenhurst, Ontario

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

Paul and his Wife were enjoying a lovely day sailing on the waters of Lake Muskoka, Ontario in late summer of 2022.

They had stopped in Alport Bay (otherwise known as Mud Bay) to drop anchor, relax and go for a leisurely swim. Afterwards, they realized the keel of the sailboat had dropped into the waters below.

Paul reached out to me after completing and online search for help and TheRingFinders global directory and called me soon after. He was excited that I could help as well I reached out to a high school girlfriend Beth and her Father offered the assistance with their boat. “The Wilson Family” has been on Eilean Gowan Island for 70 years. AMAZING. So we booked a day in early summer 2023 and ventures out to the location.

After arriving and within 10 minutes, I located the keel in 7′ of water of the Bay. Beth and Mr. Wilson came prepared. We roped up the keel and proceeded to drag it back to Allport Marina. The staff at Allport Marina then assisted in dragging the keel out of the water and placing it beside Paul’s sailboat. Paul had some work to completed.

What an adventure! Paul and his Wife were very happy to get back sailing the beautiful waters of Lake Muskoka!

Very grateful for all the help from the Wilson’s and staff at Allport Marina. Team work is dream work! As well, a thank you to Paul for his donation to my charity I have volunteered for 15 years with his donation to the Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation.

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