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Lost Wedding Diamond Ring on Fairfax Station, Virginia Estate Lawn… Found by Ring Finder

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Laura of Fairfax Station, Virginia So Beyond Excited for the Return of Her Most Precious Platinum Diamond Wedding Band that was Found by Ring Finder Brian Rudolph!

Laura’s Beautiful Platinum Wedding Band Surrounded by Lovely Diamonds Found by Brian Rudolph on Laura and Martin’s Gorgeous Estate in Fairfax Station, Virginia!

Brian Rudolph, Lost Item Recovery Specialist (Land, Water, Sand, Snow, Leaves, Houses & Vehicles) Will Find Your Lost Keepsake! Call ASAP (301) 466-8644!

I was contacted one winter afternoon by a very kind gentleman named Martin who was desperately trying to help his wife Laura recover her lost platinum diamond engagement ring and her platinum diamond wedding band that had both disappeared on their Fairfax Station, Virginia estate grounds sometime earlier that day. Martin planned to go and buy a metal detector to see if he could find the two pieces of jewelry before scheduling me out to his property. He just wanted to make sure that I was available if he should need my services in the end. As it turned out, Martin eyeballed the engagement ring without using his metal detector, but the wedding band could not be recovered. He kept trying to find the missing keepsake for several hours but finally in the end, the passionate husband decided to give up and “hand over the keys” of this search and recovery operation to me, Brian Rudolph, a proud member of the elite international directory of metal detectorists called THE RING FINDERS.

The backstory goes like this. Laura had expected some visitors later on in the day, so she went out to do some quick weeding and lawn touch-up around her beautiful estate. Even though it was the very first day of winter, she went outside the front door wearing just her pajamas and a robe to begin zealously removing some obvious unwanted plant life in some of her garden beds. Laura took off her wedding band and engagement ring and placed them in her left upper pajama shirt pocket for safekeeping. She figured that since she would be pulling weeds out of the ground, she didn’t want her rings to get dirty and possibly slip off and disappear somewhere in the flower beds. Unfortunately, the young lady didn’t think that her most precious jewelry would fall out of her pajama pocket when she leaned over at some point during her outdoor mission that particular day.

The reason that it was so difficult for Martin to find either one of the rings at first was because Laura had been all over their gorgeous Virginia property. She first started in the circular driveway and did some weeding in the center garden bed. Laura also took a walk down the driveway over to the mailbox and at some point she threw some unwanted weeds out into the leaves located just off of the concrete drive. Then, the busy woman made her way to the left side of the house and continued to weed in some of the garden beds along the side and backyard sections of the estate. There was plenty of leaning forward and bending over to “pretty up” the yard, so unless one was willing to check all of the spots where Laura tended to, it would be very difficult to be completely certain as to where the wedding band and engagement ring fell to the ground.

As it turned out, Martin was so blessed to be able to eyeball the engagement ring just outside of the perimeter of one of the garden beds located on the side of the house. Even though Martin metal detected all around that same section of the side yard, there was no evidence that Laura’s beloved wedding band came out of her pocket in any of that same territory. It was completely up in the air as to where the second ring finally made its way out of her clothes and dropped into the grass or into one of the flowerbeds.

Laura was extremely upset about the whole incident and she so appreciated Martin trying to find her missing rings. When his second effort failed in recovering the wedding band, that’s when the diligent husband made arrangements with me to come out the following day and assist in the project.

Sometime later in the afternoon the following day, I drove out to Martin and Laura’s beautiful Fairfax Station, Virginia estate. It was such a lovely drive as I made my way back into the woods and then followed their long driveway (which was surrounded by crape myrtle trees) until it opened up onto their lovely estate grounds.

Upon arriving, I told Laura that I found her husband Martin to be one of the nicest guys I had ever talked to. Though we only spoke on the phone a couple of times, I read this particular fellow like a book. He was genuinely filled with unlimited respect and thoughtfulness. Truly, I was honored to serve the two of them that late afternoon into the evening hours to come.

Both Laura and Martin showed me around the property and oriented me to each and every place where Laura had walked around that particular morning when she was doing her outdoor work. Once I finished asking all of my questions as we toured the breathtaking estate grounds, I went back to my car to retrieve my metal detecting equipment and then decided to start my search over by the circular driveway.

By the time all of my gear was powered on, darkness began to fall quite quickly. Just before pairing the detector with my headphones, I turned on my high lumens headlamp and began scanning all of that section to see if the ring may had fallen out of the pajama pocket prior to the other ring coming out of the shirt over by the side yard where Martin found the first one. After approximately 30 minutes of swinging my coil, I was able to confirm that the platinum wedding band (which held numerous diamonds around its channel) was not in that location.

Next, I went down the long driveway towards the main street and metal detected all along the sides of the concrete path leading to the mailbox. Once again, Laura’s beautiful band was nowhere to be found in that region, as well.

Continuing on, I took my next leg of the search to the portion of lawn located on the left side of the house where Martin had found the first ring. When nothing turned up inside and around the outside perimeter of the flowerbeds, I moved towards the backyard and detected all of those beds as well. I did some searching down their backyard hill that led into the woods where just leaves covered the ground, but I purposely avoided scanning too much of that area due to the amount of time it would take to clear that portion of the estate. I chose to focus mainly on the flowerbeds and just outside of the gardens since those were the primary areas where Laura leaned forward to do her weed removal.

My plan was this: if I didn’t find the wedding band in any of the regions where Laura had been working, I would then start to do my grid search lines on the lawn starting back at the side yard and then work my way to the rear of the house. Because of the fact that all of the garden beds appeared to be free of possessing the lost diamond keepsake, I had no reason to doubt that the jewel was hiding on the grassy lawn somewhere on their estate. At that stage in the search I concluded that the band must had come out of the pajama pocket some time while Laura might have leaned forward on the grass itself to perhaps pick up a stray weed or two.

As I focused on metal detecting the side lawn area, I chose to do air grid lines (which means I did not use cones or tapes to help keep me swinging my detector coil in straight lines) since I felt pretty confident that I was able to move across the lawn in straight lines without missing a square inch of property.

Throughout the search. I would pick up all kinds of target signals that had the potential of being the lost ring. There were miscellaneous pieces of aluminum and I pulled quite a few of those garden plant labels which indicated what was growing underneath that particular part of the flower bed. However, as much as I had scanned the sections that I had previously detected, all of my potential signals came up negative for the ring.

I must have been on the third or fourth grid line where I had been detecting over the grass along the side yard, when I hit a pretty good signal approximately 8 feet or so from the flower bed where Martin had found the engagement ring just outside of its perimeter. My detector was calibrated to pick up a range of target numbers that were common when searching for rings just like the one that Laura owned. As a professional metal detectorist, I am very familiar with pretty much every kind of wedding band and engagement ring and how it comes up on my detector screen. This particular number that I was getting on my Minelab Equinox 800 machine was very symptomatic of picking up a lady’s petite white gold or platinum wedding band or engagement ring. I had been told by the couple that Laura’s ring size was a tiny petite Size 4 and so this particular signal lined up well with the potential of this being Laura’s ring.

I quickly knelt down on the grass to check the target out, aimed my headlamp towards the ground (remember, I had been working in complete darkness for some time other than utilizing my headlamp above me) and pulled out my handheld pinpointer to begin isolating the exact spot where my metal detector had given me that awesome target signal. It was at that very moment that I could see between the blades of grass the most beautiful diamond wedding band that Laura and Martin had been so longing to be reunited with! I found it! The target signal that I was getting on my machine was in fact that of Laura’s sentimental piece of platinum! The diamonds that so gracefully surrounded the band’s set channel began to sparkle brilliantly as my headlamp light reflected off of the many facets belonging to the priceless stones! I indeed recovered the ring! I found the lost wedding band and most importantly I was so overjoyed for Laura’s sake! It turned out that the ring had come out of the pajama pocket just feet away from where the engagement ring had made its way to the ground. I had previously thought that that was the reason why I could not find the jewel in any of the flower and garden beds. Laura must have leaned forward to pick up a weed on the main lawn approximately 8 feet from the flower bed where she also lost the engagement ring that Martin had eyeballed earlier on. Which ring made its way out of Laura’s pocket first? The answer is: we will never know. I was just so happy to be visualizing Laura slipping her precious keepsake back on her finger in the moments that followed!

Just as I was starting to stand up after recovering the ring from the grass, I noticed that Laura was standing over by her front porch observing my search from afar. I had already been detecting for over an hour and a half and so I was pretty certain that my client was getting worried that perhaps I too might have to walk away that evening without finding her precious jewel. I wasn’t sure if she thought that I had found the ring or not at the moment when I knelt down to the ground, but I was hoping that I could at least try to fake her out and surprise her with the beautiful diamond ring shortly after calling her over to that grassy section of the lawn.

Once I was able to lure Laura over to where I was previously metal detecting, I am proud to share that I successfully surprised my client with the wonderful news that I had found Laura’s missing wedding band! I will never forget her stunned face when I brought out that beautiful piece of platinum filled with diamonds as I placed it in front of her eyes! It was as if she had just received that ring for the very first time (that very special moment in Washington DC when Martin proposed to his future bride!). It really was a fantastic experience and just like all of my other reveals, this one certainly took the cake, as well! I was beyond happy for Laura and she could not have been more excited and more grateful for my successful efforts in recovering this loss jewel from her property!

Once I showed Laura the very spot where I pulled the ring from the ground, she called Martin (who was in the house) to let him know that she was wearing her priceless wedding band once again! Within seconds, Laura’s elated husband was out on his side lawn joining the two of us with the most excited look on his face! I concluded that the metal detector that Martin was using would not have been able to pick up the platinum band (as many metal detectors would be unsuccessful in doing so based on the limited technology that the machines are built with). Martin definitely made the right decision to call in a professional like myself who is familiar with finding rings very similar to Laura’s and to do so without missing a single target signal!

The three of us celebrated out there in the dark on the side lawn with unlimited excitement about the discovery I had made just minutes before the couple were handed the very happy news that I had recovered the missing ring! It was just five days before Christmas and I’m sure Laura felt like she was already getting her first gift from dear old Santa Claus!

When I left Martin and Laura’s beautiful estate, I was so pleased at the results that I had delivered to this wonderful couple! Using my expertise and personal passion to recover such meaningful pieces of jewelry for such lovely people as this couple was, just completely made my day!

As I have shared many times before in prior publications, I love what I do for all of my clients with helping the masses recover their lost property, and I certainly love the people that I do these search and recovery operations for as well!


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Lost and Found Platinum Ring in Mclean, Virginia

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

John’s Tiffany & Company Platinum Wedding Band

John’s Tiffany & Company Platinum Wedding Band Finally Above Ground!

A Happy Smile Returned to John’s Face as He Holds His Handsome Wedding Band!


I received an email from John who shared these words:

“I lost my wedding ring doing yard work Sunday afternoon and would greatly appreciate some help finding it. I’ve been trying to find it myself and last night I realized that I need more help. Losing the ring came after a particularly depressing weekend for I had to travel for a funeral and the weekend was topped off with me losing the ring. So I feel particularly distraught. Would you be able to help me with the search? Your help would be greatly appreciated.”


As you can see, John finally gave up searching for his missing Tiffany and Company platinum wedding band that he lost somewhere in his backyard. He had been working on some outdoor projects such as: raking leaves, weeding, and putting miscellaneous throwaway items including old leaves inside a tumbler composter. All of this was taking place on approximately 2 1/2 acres of land and the missing ring could have come off just about anywhere on his McLean, Virginia estate. When I called John to go over the details of the disappearance of his beloved keepsake, he said that he acquired a metal detector and searched for hours on end, but he could not recover his ring. He went all over his property detecting various target signals, but nothing turned up in regards to what he was looking for. That’s when he looked online and discovered, THE RING FINDERS. He asked when I could come out to help recover his missing ring and I told him that I had a couple of hours open later in the day to help with the search.


Later that afternoon I arrived at John’s lovely McLean, Virginia estate. He took me to the backyard and it was as large as I pictured it when we spoke on the phone. The surroundings were absolutely breathtaking. He had a large open area of grassy lawn and then there was additional acreage that extended into the woods. He took me around to all of the places that he had been working on the yard, which was pretty much everywhere because he was raking and hauling leaves and weeds over to the woods throughout his weekend of outdoor projects He showed me his compost tumbler and we knew that it was a possibility that he could have lost the ring inside of it. John recalled throwing some of the walnuts that had come down from one of the trees out into the woods. We both agreed that the loose wedding band could have slipped off his ringer at that moment.


John showed me some of the locations where he predominantly metal detected, but where he came up empty-handed. I have to admit that it was a very large stretch of territory, and there could have been all kinds of possibilities as to where that loose ring could have fallen off. Yet, I was not moved by the amount of work that was ahead of me. I have experienced too many stories where such large properties give up the jewelry sooner or later. John was not an experienced metal detectorist and he was not using a machine that was the kind of quality necessary to get this job done. Nor did he have the kind of hours working with his machine that would have helped him interpret and assist him effectively in guiding him to the correct target. We must have gone from one side of the property all the way to the other side, and he even took me back into the woods maybe 15 or 20 yards to point out places where he dragged all kinds of brush and leaves.

After finishing the tour of all of the locations where John had been doing lawn work, I returned to my car to retrieve my metal detecting equipment. John left me and went back inside the house. I started my search closer to the woods. There were several hotspots where we thought he may have lost his platinum ring, so I covered those areas first. For sections where the brush was highly dense, I used my 6 inch equinox coil on my Minelab Equinox 800 detector. In the more open areas, I used my 15 inch coil which conquers a lot of territory in a very small amount of time. When I couldn’t find the ring in one section of the woods, I moved my way over to the next, and so on. No ring turned up.


I began detecting a pathway that led from one side of the lawn to the other side through some wooded areas. I detected both sides of the pathway, but there still was no ring to be found. Because I was limited on time that particular day, I focused more on ruling out the possibility that the ring was lost in the woods. Unless he actually flicked the ring farther into areas that were just too full of brush and tree limbs, I was starting to conclude that the ring was probably lost on the main grassy lawn rather than where all of the trees were located. There would be no way that I could search all of that territory in the two or so hours that I had on that particular day. However, if I couldn’t find the ring in a matter of minutes before having to pack up my gear, I would return in the morning to continue the search. It turned out that I did not pull the ring that afternoon. By the time I had to leave to go to my next appointment, I would postpone checking the compost container until the next morning, as well as a couple of other small sections that were full of leaf piles. I did start a grid search on the main lawn in the backyard and did as much area as I could make time for, yet I was not able to find the ring. I saw plenty of places where John had dug up the ground hoping to find his lost wedding band, but there were no fresh surface finds anywhere. I would have to pack up my gear and return early the next morning. I let John know that I was heading off after I searched for a few hours. I would have to wait until the next morning to resume my search. I couldn’t wait.

I got up around 5 AM and left my house sometime around 5:30 that morning. I wanted to get back to the search site as early as I could before having to leave for my regular job. I gave myself three hours to search. It was still dark out by the time I started traveling from Maryland into Virginia. I couldn’t wait to get to John’s estate to resume the search and recovery project. He gave me permission to start detecting as soon as I arrived, so the moment that I pulled up to the property, I gathered my gear and walked back to the rear of the house and set up my detecting equipment.

My main focus at this point was to start a grid search from one section of the lawn over to the other side. I used my Equinox 800 detector with a 15 inch coil. I was able to conquer quite a bit of real estate using this “snowshoe” of a coil! Before starting the grid, I emptied out the compost unit where John had been piling leaves and miscellaneous items inside to use as fertilizer for the property. There was a possibility that the ring slipped off his finger and ended up inside the rotator, so I pulled out the contents and detected over the pile that I had made. The ring was not found in the device. Next, I started the grid search going from the farthest point of the grass line straight up towards the house and then back towards the woods again, and so on. Also, to help keep straight and consistent moves with the detector, I brought cones to mark my grid lines, so I was very methodical about how to attack the search site that morning. As I was detecting, I started seeing more and more places where John had metal detected but found nothing. I knew that he had been searching in certain places because I would get a tone indicating that there was metal in the ground and that spot would be cleared away, so I knew that it was searched very recently. John said he covered quite a bit of the property and was frustrated by the time he put the detector down and contacted me. I didn’t blame him at all for his frustration because it was a very large property. Unless he was familiar with his detector and he used a machine that was set up for this type of recovery operation, he most likely would have gone right over the ring and completely miss it.


As it turned out, after I reached my sixth or seventh grid line, I checked a particular signal that resembled a target that could very likely be a ring. The target appeared to be close to the surface, if not on top of the dirt hidden in the grass. In addition to those signs, the tone was exactly what I was looking for! There’s a certain “skipping” sound that you’re looking for when searching for recently lost items. That “bounce” in the sound gives you a good idea that that particular metal is settled above ground, or at least near to. I immediately knelt down and took out my pinpointer to examine the target site. Once I zeroed in on the piece of metal, my eyes beheld the very object that I had been searching for since yesterday! I found John’s beloved platinum wedding band! What a delight it was to be able to find it within 45 minutes of my second visit to this beautiful McLean property! I could not have been more thrilled at that very moment!


John’s platinum ring was discovered close to the center point between the house and where the wooded area began. If you are looking at the back of the house from the lawn, the ring was lined up with the left side of the rear of the house, half way down towards the forest. I couldn’t wait to share the happy news with the owner of this very handsome wedding band! I marked the spot where I found the ring and then I planned out how I was going to reveal the ring discovery to John. That was a fantastic morning for all of us! John was extremely happy with my performance in being able to find the missing wedding band and return it to him. When I showed him the location of where I found the ring, he was perplexed because he knew that he had searched that entire section. I knew he had because I saw all of his dig marks. But, I explained to him that without the proper training and utilizing a quality detector, it’s like trying to find a one inch sized object with your eyes blindfolded and your ears muted! It’s nearly impossible! I was so happy to help him! What a wonderful way to start off my day! I left McLean, Virginia so very satisfied and thrilled that I could help John with getting his ring back!


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