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Lady Loses Hierloom Ring In Sand while Visiting …Newport Beach , California

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****Mark walked up to me while I was detecting on the beach. Usually people want to ask questions like have you found anything good? or what is your best find? Mark asked me if I would have time to search for a ring that was lost about 10 days ago. I told him I’d rather search for a known lost piece of jewelry than wander around beach hoping to find something interesting.

After talking for a minute or so, he pointed across the beach at his beach front vacation rental. Mark said, his future daughter in law was in the sand hitting a volleyball when a hierloom ring went flying off her finger into the sand. They attempted to find it many times during her stay at Newport Beach, CA. Today she was returning to her home in Europe without her cherished ring.

After Mark pointed out the general location where the loss occurred, I began my search scan with my metal detector. Midway through my second grid line I got a high tone in my earphones which turned out to be the silver ring that had been hiding in the sand for 10 days.

Mark immediately called his son to report the find of his fiancé’s ring. From what I was told, this had upset much of her visit here in California. Now, when she arrives back home, she will have the happy news that her ring is safe and will be delivered to her soon.


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Cartier Trinity Ring Found in Sand at Private Beach … Newport Beach, CA.

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Mark called me after his daughter, Paige had lost her Cartier Trinity Ring in the sand at a small neighborhood beach while playing tether ball. I was able to meet them at this location in a Newport Beach gated community within 30 minutes of his call.

Paige was upset that she had lost this  ring. It was a ring she had always wanted and was recently given to her as a graduation gift. I verified that she actually felt the ring come off her finger and it wasn’t the place where she noticed it missing. She said it definitely came off in that location.

I felt confident that the ring could be found with my metal detector but when playing with a ball it could as farther away than most people realize. I started my search by circling the tether ball pole. We were lucky as the ring showed up within 10 ft. of the pole. 

We had a quick search and a happy family including Paige’s mother, father and several of her friends. Like many other times, I was told they had no idea this service existed. Hopefully they will spread their experience with their neighbors and  any social media groups they belong to. If you are reading this and want to help others, please tell others about TheRingFinders metal detecting service.


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Irreplaceable Ring Lost in the Sand at Newport Beach, CA. .. Saved from the Beach Cleaning Machine

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**** Travis and his girlfriend were at Newport Beach, CA. when his ring slipped off his finger into the dry sand. He bent down to retrieve it. His girlfriend, unaware what had happened saw an opportunity to tackle him while he was in a awkward position. Even though it was a small area they could not find his ring that evening.

Travis’s mother called me after finding my contact information online. She told me that Travis was driving back to the location from 40 miles away. She asked if I could meet him at the beach with my metal detector. She also added that this ring was very sentimental to Travis as it had belonged to his father that had past away recently.

When I met Travis and his girlfriend, we walked out to the beach where he had very good landmarks to get us close to the location of the loss. He had even paced off how many steps from the nearby trash receptacle. 

My heart sank as I we got close to the spot. I could see the dreaded path of the beach sifting machine which only does two passes of the towel line this time of the year. 

I began my search grid over the top of the beach cleaning machine’s path, hoping that I could find evidence that it left some metal trash. Sometimes they just set the machine to get surface trash. Not this time, I could not even find a pull tab. It was hard not to tell Travis that we were possibly too late to find his ring. The city’s maintenance crew boasts that this Beach King can sift items as small as a dime.

This time we were lucky, I expanded the grid search area and Boom!! just five feet outside the Beach King’s path there was Travis’s ring. It was meant to be. His very sentimental ring was not going to be lost forever. This was not the first time that I could have given up easily. It feels so good to know, if I stay positive and persistent we can have a successful search. I love doing this and seeing the happy results of returning a precious keepsake live Travis’s ring.


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