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Unique Gold Ring Lost in Sand .. Marina Del Rey, CA. .. Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Claire called me as I was driving to another lost ring call at Dockwieler State Beach. She said that her daughter had lost a gold ring that was a duplicate to her ring. It actually had her mother’s ashes embedded in the setting. Her daughter was devastated at the loss which occurred the night before while she was swinging her arms standing on the dry sand at the beach.
They knew the general area and a beachfront resident was keeping watching over the location. I told her that another person was waiting to meet me.

I was able to reschedule the search for the ring at Dockwieler State Beach as it was a large search area.
I went to meet Claire at Marina Del Rey Penensula. We walked about a block down the beach walk where we could see that the beach rake had made one pass very close to the location of the loss.
I set up to do a grid search. As I was swinging my detector on my first line, I saw a glimmer of yellow gold in the sand. It at the top of a small mound caused by the tires of the tractor or rake machine. The tires actually pushed the ring to the surface.

It was an easy search because Claire’s daughter felt the ring fly from her fingers and her mother was able show me a general location. Claire was very excited and immediately called her daughter, Scarlett to give her the good news.