Lost Wedding Ring in Sand .. Newport Dunes Resort, Newport Beach, CA. .. Recoverd and Returned

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

I had been out on my local beach which is almost my backyard. As I was putting up my metal detector after practicing with a new high frequency search coil, Armando called requesting help to find his wedding ring. He lost it throwing a football in the sand at the beach.
I was available and it sounded like an easy search if they were still at the location. I’m located in Newport Beach on the coast centered between more than 200 miles of beaches, so my first question was, what beach?
When Armando told me he was at Newport Dunes, I was so surprised I almost dropped my phone. That is where I live and he was just a block away from where live.
I jumped on my Segway, meeting Armando and his wife Brianna in record time. They showed me the area which was easy to identify because of the finger marks in the sand and some sifting tools they used in search for the ring. Beginning my grid search, the first pass was about 15 ft. Half way back on the second pass, next to a sifting basket, I was able to get a great signal that was Armando’s tungsten carbide wedding ring. It would have been terrible to lose this as they have only been 4 months.
Total time from the phone call was less that 15 minutes. I wish they could all be that easy.


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  1. mars says:

    Good story. Love those searches close to home, especially that end quickly with success!. Thanks for posting! Mars in NorCal.

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