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Lost Key Fob .. Seal Beach, CA. .. Found in Rabbit Hole

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

When Peter parked his car in a Seal Beach city parking lot to go surfing, he thought he could hide his electronic key fob under some loose dirt in the planter next to his car.
When he finished surfing, he went to retrieve his key fob and there was a freshly dug hole and no key to be found. He believed that it was a rabbit or some kind of rodent responsible for taking his key.
Peter called requesting my help. He couldn’t meet me but gave good directions which put me exactly to the scene of the mysterious disappearance of a $500 key.
It was not a location that I could use my larger metal detector so I started with my handheld pinpointer. My first thought was that a dog may have dug out a gopher hole possibly throwing the fob into the surrounding plants or landscaping.
Returning to check the hole, I dug down another foot where there were three separate holes. I was about to give up but probed into each hole with my Garrett carrot pinpointer. I got a signal but figured it had to be a water pipe. It just seemed impossible for the key fob to be 16 inches deep.
I just had to see what it was. Yes! It was the missing key fob.. I called Peter to give him the good news and he met me the next day. I still can’t believe this story