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Diamond Wedding Ring Lost in Sand .. Dockweiler State Beach, CA. .. Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Lucy and her husband Jason were at Dockweiler State Beach spending a few days in the RV park with their daughter and son.  The day before contacting me Lucy had put her white gold diamond wedding ring in her back pocket. The same pocket that she keeps her IPhone.

Several times during their day on the beach Lucy had pulled her phone from her pocket to take photos. She told me that she had been in shallow surf and on the dry sand from the RV parking area to the water (towel line).

One problem was they had to check out of the park by noon. I was able to meet them just before check out time so she could show me the large search area. I also noticed that the beach rake had groomed a lot of the zone. I got a good reading of what could be at least a two hour grid search. We were confident that the ring had been dropped in the sand.

I explained that this would be time consuming and I had to help they lady in Marina Del Rey first as it should be an easy search. They were understanding and decided to wait in the day parking lot.

Returning in less than an hour, I went directly to the top of the dry sand. I picked an area at random that looked likely to start my process of elimination. Within 15 minutes the beautiful diamond wedding ring was in my scoop. Amazing, considering the huge area and the possibility the rake machine could have dragged it down the beach.
I called Lucy and Jason with the good news. They had just parked their RV and were walking out to meet me. Everything worked out well and there were plenty of smiles and hugs. Plus they could drive home before the LA traffic got congested.