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14k Gold Mens Wedding Band Lost in Backyard Renton WA

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


Justin contacted me asking for some assistance on searching for his lost 14k gold wedding band. Recently he had lost some weight and his wedding band of ten years had become loose on the finger. Earlier in the day he went to Angle Lake Park for a swim with his daughter and nearly lost it. Fortunately he took his ring off and secured it to his key chain for safe keeping. He did have a strong memory of having his ring back on his finger once he returned home. He told me that he spent some time in his back yard and one of the actions he remembered was playing with his cat. He was dancing around the cat a bit and moving his hands about. Based upon the knowledge of the loose fitting ring and this bit of animated play and seeing the thick backyard grass I had a strong suspicion his ring was most likely in the yard.

Justin told me he had been looking through his yard for the past two months and just one week prior to my search he had purchased a basic metal detector. He admitted he didn’t have much success with the machine and this is when he went looking on line for fresh options. Fortunately he stumbled across TheRingFinders.com and the rest is history.

Watch the exciting conclusion of this 14k Gold Mens Wedding Band search.


Jeff Morgan