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Lost Keys in Brant, Alberta

from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)
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Sometimes no matter how hard you try you come up empty. I got a call from Ken after he had found my blog at , you see Ken had lost the keys to his truck and after checking around in the snow decided it was futile to continue. Ken asked me if I could come out and search his property he figured the area was about two football fields in size. I agreed and a couple of days later I drove out to Ken’s place by Brant Alberta, a 1.5-hour drive from my location, arriving there at noon I got my Metal Detector setup and then scanned the ground as I followed Ken. He retraced his steps from the house to the barn then past some corrals. I had the privilege of meeting their Llama “Dolly” ( Dolly Llama ) we went past the corals to the dumpster, then to a feed area for the horse metal detecting the whole way. So far only deep signals and the odd surface trash. Then I got a good signal in the shed the horses go in to feed, alas, it turned out to be a piece of sharp metal. Good to get it out of there anyway. After 2 hours we had detected through numerous corrals, sheds, and barns. When Ken announced that the May have fallen out of his pocket onto the tractor and vibrated off in one of the fields over 100 acres waiting to be searched. We retired to his beautiful ranch style home ( which is for sale, in case you want a ranch ) had coffee and cookies and discussed the days’ search. Ken showed me the hole in the pocket he thought the keys had fallen out of but we determined that the hole was too small for the keys to fit through, I asked about other clothes he had worn the day of the loss, he said, they were in the laundry hamper. I suggested we check them, his lovely wife went through the pockets of his clothes. Sadly no keys were found but she did come up with a hand full of unchecked lottery tickets destined to be laundered. Hopefully, there is a big winner there, good luck Ken.
Not all hunts are successful but you never know when you might win the lottery.

Marilyn’s Lost Diamond Ring Recovered from Lake Marcel WA

from Seattle (Washington, United States)
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Marilyn contacted me to help recover her lost diamond wedding ring. In early June she was on her private dock when her dog jumped up and his paw happened to catcher her ring pulling it off her finger. This ring was customer made and has a clasp to make it easier to take on and off the finger. Apparently so easy a dog can take the ring off with ease. Marilyn remembers precisely where she was standing on the dock and the direction she was facing however she never heard the ring hitting the dock or water. He husband had helped by removing several boards from the dock in the target area and they searched for days. They even got creative by attaching a plastic basket to a long piece of wood and also a kitchen strainer and had been scooping up gobs of silt from the bottom of the lake. At one point they even had a friend with a metal detector attempting to locate the ring.

As a fist step I searched the dock with my metal detector to make certain it simply wasn’t over looked. After that I got low on the dock and searched at arms length thought the water from the opening with no success. At this point having brought all my SCUBA gear I suited up and took the plunge. Being that this was a very shallow search it was partially obstructed by the dock and we sill didn’t have an exact entry point so it make the most since to to use the SCUBA gear. Having a drysuit also made the work more pleasant. The bottom of this man made lake was full of thick silt and having the ability to remain buoyant off the silt was also an advantage. All though some visual search methods can be used most often heavy metal items are covered by the silt or obscured by plant growth so by having a high quality underwater metal detector has prove to be a key component in the recovery of these lost items under water.

See the action unfold here:

With a little work I was able to get over the top of the ring with my metal detector and make the recovery a success. Marilyn was very happy to get her ring back with all of the diamonds still securely attached.. I’m also very happy they found The Ring Finders and we were able to make yet another memorable recovery today.


Jeff Morgan




Wedding Ring Recovered – Calgary

from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)
Contact: 1-403-701-1739

Wedding Ring Lost for 3 Months Recovered – Calgary

Bruce called me 3 months ago November 2014, it was a nippy winter day, he had taken his young dog for a walk in the large sports field by his home and lost his wedding ring.   Unfortunately the large puppy had a mind of it’s own, he had not been trained yet, making a pleasant walk in the snow a bit of a challenge.   During the walk Bruce had played with the pup by getting down and rough housing with him in the snow, he had not done this once but many times during the walk.

One thing most of us forget and so did Bruce is that our fingers shrink when they get cold and wedding rings that have been on for decades now have a chance to slip off.

When I arrived,  we went over to the sports field and he directed me through the path they had walked and each stop they had made.  I scanned the area on the path and each side of the route they had taken, as well as, around each area they had stopped to play.  There was about a foot of snow that day but many tracks in the snow as this was a popular place to go for walks.   After 2 hours I still had not located the ring and Bruce was now showing signs of Hypothermia ( he wasn’t dressed for the weather) called off the search accepting that the ring was gone forever.
I told Bruce I wasn’t convinced we had searched enough of the area as the sports field is very large and we might have missed it by only a few inches.  I advised Bruce I would be back to search further and let him know if I found the ring.

Every time we had a break in the cold weather I would go out and search more of the field.  After 3 further visits and several hours searching, each time using a grid  and utilizing parking cones to delineate each section. I recovered Bruce’s wedding ring far from the area we were initially looking?  I took it directly over to Bruce’s home where I presented him with his lost 18k gold wedding band, engraved with their names and wedding date of 1977.  Bruce was extremely grateful, he didn’t know I was still searching for it and assumed it lost forever.   Another happy recipient of the Ring Finders Service.


Bruce with his Wedding Ring

Bruce with his Wedding Ring


Gone for 3 Months now returned to its owner.

Gone for 3 Months now returned to its owner.



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