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Recovering A Lost Boat Ladder Lake Union Seattle WA

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)

Recovering A Lost Boat Ladder Lake Union Seattle WA

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Watch the SeattleRingHunter recover a lost boat ladder from the bottom of Lake Union.

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September 2021 I received a call from Robert the owner operator of Boat Snake Yacht Maintenance. He explains his line of work is performing yacht maintenance to include every thing from wash downs to full vessel detailing. While he was recently serving one of his clients boats they took a wake surging the vessel and it knocked the gunnel ladder off the boat. Unfortunately it did not land on the marina deck but took a plunge and went straight to the bottom of the lake. He told me he had been searching on line to find an exact replacement but was having no success in finding what he needed. That is when he decided to seek out a diver for hire. He called one of the local marine guys and for what ever reason they provided a referral to call the SeattleRingHunter. 

Having experience in Lake Union I gladly agreed to help Rob. We set time to meet and the mission wast set. The morning of the recovery Rob was able to accommodate his schedule to meet me and show me first hand where the ladder had fallen into the lake. Having a first hand account identifying the drop zone made for a straight forward recovery plan.  After executing the recovery I was happy to hand the gunnel ladder over to him with smiles all around. We were both happy to have retrieved his clients ladder for the best all around solution. I applaud Rob the level of customer service he provided to his cline. It’s nice to see a high level of care offered to those he services. If you are in the need for some yacht maintenance be sure to reach out to Robert for a quick chat and tell him the SeattleRingHunter said to say hi.

Watch the video to see the recovery of a lost gunnel ladder unfold first hand.

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Seattle Lake Union Lost Phone Recovery

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


Natalie had just completed a fun day of Hot Tub boating on Seattle’s Lake Union. When she got back to the boat slip, got out of the hot tub boat her phone fell into the water below the dock. She did a Google search and fond me through my listing on TheRingFinders. I came out the next day and recovered her Google Pixel 3 phone just past 20′ of water. Unfortunately the phone was full of water but she was prepared for this outcome and wanted her phone back for the insurance claim. During the recovery dive an older iPhone with some old bank cards and an ID were found. I am in the process of getting that returned to its owner as well.

Check out the dive recovery here:

Special thanks to for allowing the recovery effort. If you get a chance check them out and tell them the SeattleRingHunter sent you over.


Jeff Morgan