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Platinum Wedding Band Lost In Yard Clippings Redmond WA

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


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Yesterday a gentleman contacted me asking if I could help him find his lost platinum wedding band. He explained he had been cleaning up some yard clippings in a very small area of his yard and pitching them into a yard waste bin. He shared his wife was upset over this and that he had to figure out a way to get his ring back. After our brief phone conversation we set a schedule to meet up for the search the next morning.

Having been told that he had a full bin full of yard clippings I came prepared with a tarp, and a few tools to help with the work. After he showed me the area on the side of his home where he had been picking up the clippings it looked like a fairly straight forward search site. He was not wearing gloves and it had been a bit colder out. My first plan was to search the area where he had been picking up the yard clippings. He then showed me the full bin of scraps and when doing so I learned that he had recovered his other wedding band from the top of this bin at the same time he lost the ring I was called to search for. With this new knowledge I focused on clearing the bin of yard clippings first. After I processed the yard waste bin with no ring found we knew it had been cleared and continued on.

After working the side yard for a bit of time scanning the ground still with leftover clippings scattered about and still no ring. He had told me that it was a smaller platinum band but I knew it was still enough for my machine to detect. This just meant the ring could be easily hiding out and I would need to be very diligent in my search as not to miss the ring. In the middle of this work area there is two bushes that had been cut down leaving some sturdy stocks about a foot and a half tall like a porcupine. As I kept searching over the flat dirt and not finding his ring my growing concern was that his ring may have dropped down inside either of these two porcupine bushes. Finally I was left with very little options and started poking my pinpointer trough the deep stalks of the cut back bushes. After processing both bushes and almost no more plant to search my pinpointer went crazy! Bingo I had located his ring and he was very appreciative of all the services provided. It was nice to return this wedding ring of fifteen years back to this gentleman’s finger were it belongs.


Jeff Morgan