Lost Ring at the beach in Malibu, CA. .. found with a Metal detector expert

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*** Abby and her friends had spent the day at a small beach in Malibu, CA. When they started to pick up their beach stuff, she realized her favorite silver ring was not on her finger. They spent over an hour searching the dry sand because she had not been in the water or any other location on the beach.

   One of Abby’s friends found my information with a google search for ideas on how to find a ring at the beach. They called me and I asked a few basic questions. The most important question was can you wait at the location till I get there?  

It was going to be dark but that is not a problem. Getting there tonight would save her another trip to the location. From what she told me, I assured her that once I got there the search should not take much time.

We met about an hour later. After seeing the 40’x50’ area I began a grid search. There wasn’t much metal trash signals, but it was black sand which can be a nuisance as can interfere with most metal detectors. 

It wasn’t looking good when I neared the end of the search area. Then a strong high conductor signal broke through the black sand. YEP! Digging up one scoop of sand and shaking the scoop we could hear the heavy silver ring clanking in the scoop. Total time of the search was about a half hour.  If I started at that end of the search area it would have been 5 minutes. 

Abby and her friends were very grateful. 

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