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Lost Medallion found on Zuma Beach in Malibu

It was late Sunday afternoon when I got a frantic call from Marlon who was out with his family enjoying the surf and sand of Zuma beach when his gold coin medallion fell off his necklace and landed somewhere in the sand. I assured him that I would be there soon and I would find it for him.

Parking and traffic are two of the biggest obstacles of ring recovery on the weekends and fortunately a lot of beachgoers had decided to leave which left me room to park. I met a frantic Marlon and once again told him I would recover his medallion.

I had my Equinox 900 with me and began to grid the area he thought it could be lost in. Gridding is like mowing the lawn, go slow, cover every inch of sand and dig all non-ferrous targets in your path. On my 3rd pass I got a sweet tone and when I brought my scoop out of the sand there was Marlon’s medallion. I must say I have never seen a customer that excited about a recovery as he was literally jumping up and down yelling “we found it” to anyone and everyone within earshot. It was a great moment and I was thankful I got to be a part of it.

If you ever find yourself in a position like Marlon call or text at 805-290-5009 right away so we can put together a plan to make the recovery as time is not your friend especially on a public beach.

Lost Wedding Ring returned at Malibu West Beach Club

I got a frantic text late Saturday night that a groom’s wedding ring had been lost somewhere in the sand at the Malibu West Beach club sometime after the ceremony. It seemed that the ring had slipped off while the happy couple was taking pictures on the beach behind the club but of course the issue was they didn’t know where and it was a big beach.

I was able to gain access to the club Sunday afternoon and I had a short window to hunt for the ring and I began to hit all the photo locations that they couple could remember but was coming up with nothing but bottle caps and some loose change. I was working the high tide line and I turned to face the club and the only place left to search was the lifeguard tower and the iris in the sand. I was working my way around it when I got a strong tone next to the iris and my prayers were answered, the ring was back in the scoop!

Since this is a busy wedding/party venue the couple wasn’t there to celebrate with me but I called and promised I would put his one day old wedding ring in the mail so he’d have it back waiting for him after their honeymoon. If you have lost a ring don’t wait, call or text me at 805-290-5009 and I will work to return it to you. Time is not on your side so don’t wait, call theĀ  Ventura County Ringfinder!