Lost Gold Sapphire & Diamonds Engagement Ring at Kailua Beach...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a call from Phil who was visiting from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. He was enjoying a day at the beach with his lovely wife Heather. Heather took her ring off and placed it in a pocket of her sweater which her Mom Allison was wearing later in the day unbeknownst to her that the ring was in the pocket. Long story short the ring ended up missing and they concluded when Mom handed Heather some keys on the beach the ring must have fallen out. They spent some time searching the beach rental home and the beach area where the keys were exchanged but no sign of the ring was found. Phil googled “lost ring Oahu” and that’s where he found the ring finders. Thankfully the kids are on Spring Break otherwise the trip to Kailua would have been painful in rush hour traffic. This was a record for me it only took about 30 minutes. Phil met me on the road and directed me to a parking spot. I grabbed my gear and we headed down to the beach. Heather & Allison were guarding the area and a few people walking on the beach wished us luck. I marked my grid and went to work. After about 15 minutes 51 cents, four Corona bottle caps, some aluminum foil and a small washer I finally got a loud shallow target. One scoop down and there in my scoop was a beautiful blue sapphire ring with diamonds. I told Heather this must be my ring as she came over to look. Oh my gosh…that’s it she exclaimed. Everyone was so appreciative and they invited me over to the beach house for a refreshment. Good old Southern hospitality just like Hawaii’s Aloha! We discovered that Heather’s Mom Allison and I served in the Navy at the same time. Great friends and a ring find I won’t soon forget. Aloha to Heather, Allison & Phil.

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  1. Phil Daniel says:

    The story is being told over and over, thank you Joe for giving it a happy ending.

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