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Wedding Ring Lost in Grass at Manhattan Beach Park…Found and Returned.

  • from Redondo Beach (California, United States)

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I got an email from Jeremy on Sunday night. He had lost his wedding ring at a sports park the day before in the grass, and was not able to find it. He had removed it, and placed it in the cup holder of his chair to apply sunscreen, a story we hear all too often for sure. I let him know I was available the next day if he could meet me to show me where to look. We agreed on a time, and the meeting was set.

When I arrived Jeremy was waiting for me, and took me right over to the area. He showed me what he had done, and how he had left the field, so I knew where I would be looking. Also knowing this was a relatively new field, I did not expect a lot of metal to be there (foil, bottle caps, pull tabs, etc). That was the wrong assumption for sure, it seemed like there was something almost every swing of the coil that I had to check. A lot of fencing from the field perimeter was in the ground, and giving off a real good signal. This made for a slow search, as I covered the area. I searched all that Jeremy had showed me, and it was now time to expand the search out of the box. I searched into one field with no results, and then went over to the other field, got a good signal, looked down, and there on the surface of some dead grass was the ring. It was white gold which reflected the true color of its surrounding, so it was pretty much camouflaged right in the open. Jeremy had to go back to work, so I called, and he came right over very happy for the recovery. As a member of The Ring Finders, it is a pleasure to create these smiles!


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Lost Ring in Sand .. Huntington State Beach, CA. .. Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Friday Brittany and her friend spent her birthday at the beach. Her friend picked up a beach blanket not knowing she had laid her ring on the blanket. Ring in the sand, the search was on. It was a nice size silver ring that should be easy to find. Beach sand shows no mercy for people that lose their rings in the sand. After spending several hours sifting through the sand in a small area. They gave up returning home.
Brittany thought that another friend who owned a metal detector could help her, but she couldn’t contact him. Next she went to Google that was how she found TheRingFinders.com . Finding my information, she called me. She told me this was a ring that she had for more than 13 years. Loosing her ring on her birthday did not make it a happy day. I could hear desperation in her voice. When she told me that it was next to lifeguard tower #7 at Huntington Beach, I went into panic mode. Then told her I would get there as soon as possible. She could not meet me until an hour later, but I could start. This beach is heavily hunted by other detectorists and the beach cleaning machines are the ruthless.
It’s the first day of Labor Day weekend and I was able to cover the area thoroughly before Brittany arrived..” No Ring “.. My phone rang, it was Brittany saying she was walking over to meet me. I looked for somebody with a maroon shirt walking my way. No lady in a maroon shirt in sight.. Here’s the lesson, I live here,  I know there are two lifeguard towers # 7.. One is on Huntington State Beach. The other is at Huntington City Beach. They are both south of Huntington Pier more than a mile apart. When she said Huntington Beach, so I assumed City beach.
This should have been a short story because when I drove to the correct tower #7. She was protecting the area. So it was a matter of a few minutes we had the ring. Unbelievable she told me. Another awesome smile with genuine gratitude for having here ring returned. Sometimes we say this is a game of inches. Today it was a game of more than a mile.. Just last week a State Lifeguard told me they often have this confusion with the tower numbers. For me, it was a lesson learned.

Saturday … September 5, 2015


Lost Platinum Wedding Ring.. Huntington Beach, CA. .. Recovered

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Sunday 7-26-15

This morning I was visiting my daughter in Seal Beach when I received a call from David. His wife, Jillian had lost her wedding band in the sand after removing it to apply sun screen lotion on their son. It was about noon, so I asked them to claim as much of the area as possible.
I was lucky to find parking within a few blocks. David was waiting near the main road and walked me to where Jillian was setup guarding the search location. She told me it was a small platinum ring with diamonds. After a few minutes I received a 12-05 signal from my CTX 3030 Minelab detector which could also be tinfoil. I told her, I think this is it before I dug into the sand. Yes, it was there in my scoop. Then Jillian immediately broke into tears of joy.
It took longer to take pictures of the ring and Jillian’s smile than to find the ring. I have to apologize for the poor photos. They were a very nice family and it was a pleasure to help them. One more success story for TheRingFinders.com.


Lost White Gold Wedding Band .. Huntington Beach .. Volleyball Court

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Sunday .. May 31, 2015 .. 10:30pm

Karl called me from the airport where he was waiting for his fight back to his home in Phoenix, AZ. He told me he had lost his wedding band while watching his daughter participate in a volleyball tournament. He texted me the location. It was one of 28 volleyball courts. I drove 5 miles, found his ring and was able to text him a photo of his ring just as he was shutting down his smart phone for the departure of his flight. The next morning I returned the ring to his wife, Kristen who will be returning to Phoenix later. Below is Karl’s side of the story.

Thanks again for finding my ring. I was attending my daughter’s beach volleyball tournament at Huntington Beach. During the game, an errant volleyball headed into the crowd towards me. I instinctively shot my left hand up into the air in an attempt to deflect the ball, and as I did, I felt my wedding ring fly off my finger. My wife and I looked around for it frantically, knowing that with each person walking by and kicking up sand, our chances of finding it were dwindling. After searching for about a half an hour, and seeing person after person kicking up sand and surely burying my ring, we resigned ourselves to having lost it for good.

Later that day, upon returning to our hotel and preparing to leave Los Angeles, I got on the internet and conducted a Google search for folks with metal detectors in the Huntington Beach area. I found Stan Ross on www.TheRingFinders.com and I called him from the airport as I was awaiting my flight. Stan was on the case in no time, and he kept me apprised of his status as he scanned the beach and I got ready to get on my flight. Then, just before departing, Stan texted me with a triumphant pic of my ring. He had found it! My wife and I were ecstatic! Luckily, my wife and kids had already planned to stay an extra day at the beach, so they were able to meet Stan and get my ring back. We’re very grateful for Stan’s services, and we give him our absolute highest recommendations. Thanks again Stan.
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