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Sapphire and diamond arthritic wedding ring returned! TRF Celina, Ohio

  • from Celina (Ohio, United States)

Debbie lost her beautiful, custom Sapphire and diamond arthritic wedding ring while working in her flower bed and yard near Indian Lake(4/26). She was absolutely devastated losing this custom piece. Along with her husband Danny, they both tried looking for it for a couple of days. They checked yard clippings, the trash, Danny even purchased a metal detector himself to try and locate the ring with no luck.

Danny contacted me (4/28) and explained the situation to me in the hopes that I could help. We made plans to meet up Saturday afternoon (5/1).

I arrived at their home where Danny related the story of what had happened that day once again while I looked things over a bit. After the information he had given me, not even 3 minutes into the search Debbie’s Sapphire and diamond arthritic wedding band had been recovered!

3 minutes into the hunt this custom sapphire and diamond arthritic wedding ring was successfully recovered and returned. 5/1/21

After a quick photo of the Ring, it was turned over to Danny so he could place it back on Debbie’s hand once again. Debbie and Danny both did an excellent job of remembering details and putting me right into the hotspot of the search area. That’s why this ring was recovered so quickly. I’m very happy to see another happy ending and another great story continuing with a beautiful piece such as this! Bonus is that my wife and I got to meet some extremely nice people. Great new friends and a happy ending!

Earth Day ring recovery! Ringfinder vs. woodchipper!

  • from Seattle (Washington, United States)
One diamond still intact!

Recovered with one diamond intact! Happily reunited!

This week I received a call from an arborist from Bainbridge Island. He and his tree maintenance crew were doing some work at a customer’s property, limbing trees, when he noticed he was missing his prized ring.

It was a custom ring made of silver with two diamonds and a large sapphire, designed for him by a friend with the purpose of harnessing the spiritual powers of the gemstones. It is called Vedic Astrology, also known as Jyotish Astrology.

The belief is, that certain stones, worn by the right person, under the correct circumstances, can increase that person’s success in life and business, etc.

Naturally it was a hard loss for him, and he rushed to buy a metal detector and searched for days on the property, to no avail.

When I arrived I saw a huge pile of wood chips that the tree crew had made​ when disposing of the limbs, and I had a bad feeling that it could have gone through the chipper. After he and the home owner and I spread the piles throughout the property, my suspicion was confirmed by my metal detector.

I found the ring, in 2 pieces! It was missing one diamond and the sapphire, but fortunately there was one diamond still remaining!

Since my detectors can’t find loose gemstones, we sifted the chips for some time, and he and the homeowner will be going through the chips as time allows. Who knows, maybe they will find them someday!

If not, he can rest assured knowing the full magic of his ring wasn’t lost, and the lost gems were reclaimed by the earth that provides him his livelihood.

Today, I’d say it was a draw, in this case of Ringfinder vs. woodchipper… But the arborist was glad to be reunited with it and he may have the mangled silver ring made into a new ring, to hold the diamond that was recovered.

One Diamond remained!


One Diamond Remained… One Diamond and one sapphire reclaimed by the Earth!

Lost Diamond and Pink Sapphire Ring Arlington Heights (Reunited)

  • from Las Vegas (Nevada, United States)

Received a call to locate a new 14K white gold ring with diamonds and pink sapphires. The ring was just given to her two days ago by her husband. Not sure if she lost it while gardening at her home in Arlington Heights, IL.  or at other locations. Could also be at other locations in the yard. Just knew it was lost. About 30 minutes into the search in her garden….Bling!! and I mean BLING!