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Snake Style Diamond Engagement Ring Lost in Herndon, Virginia…Found by Metal Detectorist Brian Rudolph

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Georgette’s 14 karat white gold snake style diamond engagement ring which ring finder Brian Rudolph successfully recovered in the backyard of the couple’s Herndon, Virginia estate.

Georgette and Rick excitedly hold not only each other, but also embrace the beautiful and elegant snake style diamond engagement ring that Brian Rudolph, member of THE RING FINDERS, successfully recovered on the engaged couple’s gorgeous Herndon, Virginia estate.

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Georgette had been diligently working on her latest project in the backyard of their gorgeous Herndon, Virginia estate. She was constructing a beautiful garden path made of rock, pebbles and stone. Towards the end of the day, the young lady realized that her precious 14 karat white gold snake style diamond engagement ring was missing from her finger.

Georgette did everything in her ability to find her lost ring, but nothing came about from all of her efforts. She searched all over her property with a metal detector that she bought from a local sporting goods store, but still she could not find her precious jewel.

Georgette’s fiance Rick also joined in the search, and after the couple had invested over 6 hours of metal detecting and using their flashlights to try to eyeball the lost ring, sadly, all of their efforts led to no avail. Georgette was devastated. She even woke up in the middle of the night, went out into the backyard with her phone light illuminated and continued to scan the area where she had been working so diligently in the past 24 hours. Unfortunately, she walked back into her house empty-handed.

When all else failed, Georgette took to the internet and searched for another solution to her desperate situation. That’s when the answer finally surfaced. She found the elite international directory of metal detectorists called THE RING FINDERS! Like many, she did not know that such a service existed. Immediately, she looked up a local metal detectorist in her area and that’s when she found me.

I spoke with my client on the phone for quite a while so that I could acquire all of the details regarding the disappearance of her exquisite diamond snake style engagement ring. Georgette told me that there were times when she was not working with her gloves on in order to take pictures and to maneuver a few things around in the area where she was constructing the garden path. I took note of all of those particular times and places that she remembered not wearing her gloves and the actions that Georgette initiated that may have caused the ring to slip off of her finger.

After getting all of the information that I needed, the two of us set up a time for me to come out to her estate in order for me to attempt to solve this curious mystery. I couldn’t wait to get to Georgette and Rick’s property!

Later that afternoon I arrived at the couple’s estate and immediately Rick and Georgette took me to the backyard to show me all of the surroundings that were part of my “investigation”. Their estate was simply breathtaking! Additionally, the path that Georgette had made from scratch was truly a work of art!

As soon as Georgette had finished showing me where she had labored so diligently, such as: all of the places that she walked to gather tools, spread materials, dumped weeds, set up her outdoor Bluetooth speaker system inside a bucket to listen to music, and each of the areas where she took pictures, I was ready to start detecting.

In the two and half hour time period that I had been metal detecting and scanning all around the search site, I diligently covered a number of key spots where the ring could have potentially ended up. I looked all along the new path that Georgette had created, grid searched a part of the lawn where the young lady had hauled weeds in a wheelbarrow to a dumping site across the property, metal detected all of the building materials that were piled up on the ground, metal detected in and around her beautiful garden of vegetables and flowers, and finally scanned an area where Georgette had found numerous baby snakes that she had to deal with over by a tree stump. I checked everywhere and still found no ring.

It just so happened that during the final leg of my search (the last possible place remaining that I needed to scan with my faithful machine), I am happy to share that I finally struck gold and ice! I was so excited! I was metal detecting on the far end of Georgette’s garden, on the other side of a barrier that she put up to separate the garden from the path. As I was scanning in the grass over by an area where I remembered that she had mentioned that she had taken some pictures of her newly constructed creation, I got the perfect signal on my detector screen! It fell into the range of a possible white gold object. Because nightfall had almost set in, I took to the ground and carefully pinpointed the area where my metal detector had indicated the potential target. And there it was! I found it! I discovered Georgette’s missing snake style diamond engagement ring that meant the world to her! It held such sentimental meaning that she had cried on the phone earlier that morning when I had first talked with my client about what that special piece of jewelry had meant to her! The irreplaceable “symbol of love” was found deep down in the grass, just waiting for a ring finder to uncover it!

Minutes after I discovered the lost ring, I had the joy and privilege to unveil the news of my findings with Georgette and Rick! The young lady couldn’t control her emotions at the moment that I revealed before them the exquisite diamond ring that I had just metal detected on their property! It was a moment that I will not easily forget!

The couple was beyond grateful for my diligence and perseverance displayed during the time that I was in their backyard searching for the lost piece of jewelry! What a wonderful afternoon that was in serving Georgette and Rick! I gave much thanks to God for being my Ring Hero as He helped me to become one for this very special couple who were deeply in love with one another!


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