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Man Loses Wedding Band in Washington DC Park While Playing Ball with Dog…Found

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Charlie’s 18 karat white gold wedding band which professional ring finder, Brian Rudolph, recovered for his client after 4 hours of metal detecting in Washington DC park.

Charlie excitedly holds up his irreplaceable wedding band that was lost while throwing an oversized tennis ball to his dog. Hope came his way when he called member of THE RING FINDERS, Brian Rudolph!

Brian Rudolph, Lost Item Recovery Specialist (Land, Water, Sand, Snow, Leaves, Cliffs, Houses & Vehicles) Will Find Your Lost Keepsake! Call ASAP (301) 466-8644!

Charlie threw an oversized tennis ball to his dog at a park in Washington DC. During one of his throws, he lost his 18 karat white gold wedding band which slipped off of his finger as Charlie’s hand moved forward. The proud canine owner searched for the missing keepsake for hours along with the help of 15 other people who were walking their dogs in the same vicinity at the time of the band’s disappearance.

Later on that same night, Charlie returned to the park with a flashlight and searched for his wedding band for another couple of hours. Sadly, all of his efforts still led to no avail.

The next day, during daylight, again the distraught young man continued his attempts to recover the irreplaceable jewel by raking leaves all over the park to try to locate the ring. Still, there was no ring to be found. Charlie began thinking that maybe somebody had already picked it up, so he started posting signs around the area.

When Charlie got back to his place late that night, he contacted me after somebody in the park recommended THE RING FINDERS – an elite international directory of metal detectorists. That individual had utilized the service of a professional ring finder somewhere else in the world. We set up the appointment to come out the very next day.

At 7:30 a.m. the next morning, I wheeled all of my equipment over to the section of the park where I would be meeting up with Charlie. As soon as my client arrived, he showed me where he was standing and how he threw the tennis ball over to his beloved four-legged friend at the moment when Charlie’s band flew off of his finger. Then, I led us in a prayer to the Lord to help me become a ring hero for my client. Soon after I got right to work.

Charlie thought that he saw his ring move forward and to the right. I told him that people’s recollections can be quite different than where these “little guys” actually end up. I shared that many times the the ring ends up behind the person rather than it propelling forward.

During my four hour metal detecting search, I laid down grid line tapes and covered an area that was 100 feet by 65 feet. People walking in the park probably thought there was some crime investigation going on! Indeed I take my work very seriously! Diligently, I metal detected the entire area of that section of the park.

As the hours progressed, I could tell that my client was giving up hope by the minute. He was certain that I would have found it by that time period. However, I explained to him that doing a search like this could take many hours and that doing a detailed grid search like this one will absolutely not miss an inch of territory. He was worried that someone had eyeballed his special little treasure and carried away forevermore. I told him to remain hopeful.

Towards the end of the four hour mark, I am happy to share that I did in fact recover Charlie’s very handsome 18 karat white gold wedding band! My metal detector picked up the ring’s precious metal signal out in the grass, under some leaves exactly 35 feet on a diagonal right angular path behind where Charlie threw the tennis ball! So not only did the left hand go back and release the ring behind Charlie, but it went over 10 yards to the right of the very perplexed dog owner! Just like I said to him before I started the search, sometimes these rings end up behind the client and not in front or to the sides of where they were standing.

I could not have been more excited when I saw that nice sized silver looking halo just sitting under the leaves and grass waiting to be discovered and returned to its rightful owner!

Charlie couldn’t believe where I found his sentimental keepsake! The two of us gave thanks to the Lord for helping me become a ring hero for my client! Charlie was so grateful that my faith, my unrelenting attitude to find missing jewelry and my years of expertise with finding lost rings led me to the unraveling of this very curious ring loss mystery!


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Lost High School Class Ring…Found on Celebrity Figure Skater, Dorothy Hamill’s Former Estate in Cockeysville, Maryland

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Lauren’s Lovely Private High School Class Ring Shines Happily Once More!

Lauren Smiling From Ear to Ear as She Holds Her Cherished 14 Karat Gold Class Ring!


A woman named Janice was referred to me by someone who knew that I was on the elite international metal detectorist directory called THE RING FINDERS. She checked out my information and success stories regarding countless rings and other items that had been recovered throughout the last couple of years. That’s all it took to convince Janice that I was the one capable of finding her daughter’s lost 14 karat gold high school class ring.

Lauren had lost her class ring while hanging out with the family on a beautiful warm spring evening. They had a lovely picnic in the backyard of their gorgeous historical mansion located in Cockeysville, Maryland (17 miles from downtown Baltimore). The senior in high school, her sister, mother and father all sat at the picnic table overlooking the most perfect scenery of endless acres of grass, trees, streams and fields. The setting was simply paradise! Lauren asked her sister if she would hold onto her two rings (one of them was the gold class ring) while eating at the outside table. She obliged and put the jewelry in her short’s rear pocket.

After the family dinner picnic, the two girls went for a walk around the back of their estate, listening to music and enjoying each other’s company. They even ran around a bit, having the best time of close sister fellowship with a bit of exercise attached to their fun! Upon their return inside the mansion, Lauren requested her rings back from her sister. When her sister reached back into her rear short’s pocket to retrieve the two rings, there was only one ring to be found. The class ring had come out of the shorts during their time outside earlier that evening.

The family immediately switched into sleuth mode! Everyone headed down the grassy hill and over to the picnic table area to see if the yellow gold high school class ring could be spotted through the grass. They also looked around the hill area because Lauren’s sister had been carrying some of the dinner items back and forth from the kitchen to the picnic spot and then back up the hill again. Still, nothing was found. Flashlights and phone lights were used to look all over the field, and yet they still could not find the missing ring anywhere. There was so much territory to cover, and frankly I don’t think they knew where to begin because the ring could have fell out of Lauren’s sister’s shorts just about anywhere. The family tried to retrace the girls’ steps, but all of their efforts led to no avail. Eventually, they had to surrender their search attempt that night and figure out what their next plan of action would have to be.

Lauren’s mother, Janice, was really upset about the missing ring because it meant just as much to her as it did to Lauren. It represented a great accomplishment for her daughter and there was a lot of sentimentality attached to this particular class ring. She wanted to do everything possible to recover this beloved keepsake for her daughter. Instead of buying a metal detector (which neither her husband or herself knew how to operate effectively), Janice decided to contact a professional metal detectorist. This is where I come into the story. I had the pleasure of talking with Janice about the situation and I told her that if she invited me to their property, I would guarantee the return of this ring to Lauren’s finger! I didn’t know how long it would take, but I told her that I would find the piece of gold jewelry and it would stay within the family storyline for years to come! Janice was extremely encouraged by my words. We scheduled a time for me to come out sometime later that evening and I looked forward to solving the mystery as to where Lauren’s elite private school class ring ended up.

Later that evening, I finished up with a previous client in Northern Virginia and I traveled towards Baltimore where the search site was located. I had no idea that I would be conducting the recovery operation at not only a very historical site, but also a very nostalgic one for me, as well. Let me explain. It turned out that the mansion and the land which it sat upon was owned by a very famous quarryman owner with the last name of Scott. He not only built the mansion back in the late 1700’s, but in addition to that, in the 1800’s, Scott provided the famous stones that were used to build the first Washington Monument located in Baltimore, Maryland, as well as the same marble that was used to build Washington DC’s famous Washington Monument! Upon arriving at the estate, I also learned that the mansion had been previously owned by none other than Dorothy Hamill, the famous figure skater just seven years prior. This was the sentimental part of my search because I grew up watching Dorothy Hamill on television and in person when I was taken by my parents several times in the 1970’s to an ice-skating event called The Ice Capades. I thought it was so cool that I was searching for a missing ring on the very grounds where Dorothy and her family took their walks, enjoyed picnics and entertained guests over the years at this particular historical mansion.

(At the end of this story, I provided additional historical information regarding Scott’s Quarry and the two famous monuments that were constructed in honor of our first president of the United States.)

I will never forget how beautiful my surroundings were as I drove to the mansion. There were horse farms on every side of the country road. As I drove down the very long private lane, it opened up to a marvelous circular drive where the mansion sat, along with a lovely guest house located on the opposite side of the front property. The lawn was exquisite and the trees and streams that surrounded this perfectly painted creation of God simply took my breath away.

As soon as I parked alongside the house, I was greeted by Janice and her husband. At some point Lauren also came out to greet me and it was there that I was guided towards the back yard where I would be shown the vast acreage where they believed the class ring fell out of Lauren’s sister’s pocket. The family was quite kind to me and was very grateful that I could come to help them recover Lauren’s beloved class ring at such short notice. As we made our way from the back stone patio, down the hill to where the picnic table was located at the edge of the field, I was given more details about what took place the night before. Because the family had been looking all over the estate grounds, they explained to me that the picnic table had been moved from its original spot. I would remember this piece of information later on when I returned from the car with all of my metal detecting gear. Janice and Lauren walked took me across the field and guided me to all of the different places where the sisters walked, jogged and played around during that evening when the ring came out of the pocket.

Posing with Scott’s Mansion / Dorothy Hamill’s Former Home!

The scenery behind the house was absolutely exquisite. The most beautiful stream meandered around the 25 acres or so, approximately 75 yards away from the historical mansion’s rear hillside. I will never forget the stillness of the evening and the peace that I felt as I strolled across the grass with the two ladies. If there was any place on earth that I could choose to search for a lost item, this was the perfect environment! As I was walking around, occasionally I would glance up at the mansion at the top of the hill and thought to myself how cool it was that I was searching for a lost item where one of my favorite childhood celebrities once resided. Dorothy Hamill’s amazing ice skating abilities would simply take my breath away as she so beautifully danced about the ice arena during shows and competitions! She was definitely my all-time favorite figure skater!

Once I got all of the facts as to the many possibilities as to where Lauren’s sister may have dropped the ring, I returned to the car and gathered up all of my metal detecting gear. Because there was a lot of territory to conquer, I prepared myself that this could end up being a very long search. Nightfall was just starting to set in, so I made sure that I had all of the necessary night gear available at my fingertips. This included: my Minelab Equinox 800 detector, a high lumens headlamp, headphones, gloves, handheld pinpointer (small detector) and my detector harness vest.

The moment that I arrived back down at the search site, I immediately set up my detector to be able to locate the yellow gold ring that I was searching after. I am extremely experienced at finding lost class rings so I knew exactly how to adjust the settings for Lauren’s piece of jewelry. I utilized a large 15 inch coil (the large loop that is connected to the bottom of the detector shaft) which allowed me to cover a much larger area to detect in a much shorter period of time.

The first area that I searched was all around the picnic table. Once I made sure that there was no sign of the ring, I moved the table to a different place to detect the grass where it had been originally positioned. I covered the area a couple of more times just to make sure that the keepsake wasn’t lost close to the vicinity of where everybody was sitting the night before. It was definitely clear of the ring within a 25 to 30 foot radius around the table.

A Portion of the Field Where I Was Metal Detecting (The Stream was Located Behind the Tree Line)

The next few sections that I wanted to detect were located closer to the stream. The girls had made their way from the picnic table over towards the water on a diagonal path.  Therefore, I wanted to check the spots where they were hanging out before I started gridding across the field. When nothing turned up in those areas near the stream, I knew that it was time for me to start detecting from the picnic table over to the water on that diagonal course where they had walked. No one was quite sure exactly where Lauren and her sister had moved across the field, but they were certain that it was at a particular angle which took them towards the water. I started to make my gridlines across the field at that particular angle and then I returned the other way with a second grid line to see if maybe the ring came out of Lauren’s sister’s pocket when they walked from the table over towards the water.

I swung the metal detector coil back and forth as I moved across the field and then back again towards the picnic table. I carefully made sure that I didn’t miss a single potential target that could end up being Lauren’s gold class ring. It was probably 45 minutes or so into the search when I hit a particular signal on my second grid line moving towards the picnic table from the water’s edge. I believe I was approximately 40 feet away from where the picnic table originally was situated. Though I had detected a good amount of area around the picnic table, this particular target was just outside of the zone where I had been searching prior to starting the gridlines. With my headlamp blazing above me, I knelt down to the grass and pulled out my handheld metal detector to check the specific area where my Equinox 800 was picking up the target signal. At first, it appeared that the piece of metal that I had detected was somewhere below the dirt because I didn’t see anything other than the many blades of grass ascending from the earth.

My First Glance at Lauren’s Brilliant Gold Class Ring!

Until I was completely sure that this particular metal was below ground, I kept moving my pinpointer around that vicinity just to confirm that this was not the target that I was looking for. All of a sudden, to my greatest surprise, I saw a reflection of light that was bouncing off something that resembled a small piece of gold. My fingers moved through the blades of grass until I uncovered the very special treasure that I had been hoping to find for young Lauren! There it was peeking out from the jungle of green! It was Lauren’s high school class ring! Indeed, it was a very beautiful piece of jewelry! It was constructed with a 14 karat yellow gold band accompanied by a blue stone with Lauren’s private school crest engraved in the middle of the ring. I had solved the mystery as to where the ring had fallen out of Lauren’s sister’s pocket! I was beyond thrilled at what I had discovered and how quickly I found the keepsake in an area with so many acres of land that I potentially would have had to detect! It could have taken hours upon hours to find something this small. Yet, my methodical work paid off as I eliminated section by section, grid line by grid line until I eventually hit gold! Yes, I certainly did! I was so very happy to discover this gorgeous piece of precious metal!

After I marked the spot as to where the ring was found, I was hoping to surprise Lauren and her family with the wonderful discovery. However, Lauren’s father had coincidentally been looking through the house window as I was kneeling down in the grass while investigating my gold target signal. He thought to himself that perhaps I may have found what we were all looking for. So he started walking out of the rear door of the mansion as I approached the top of the hill. He asked me with an excited tone of voice, “Did you find it?” I then raised my hand in the air with the gold ring clutched between my fingers to show the gentleman my proud find of the evening! His face lit up with the most satisfied smile and proceeded to congratulate me on finding such a needle in a haystack! He was almost in complete disbelief that I was able to pull this ring from such a large territory! Within seconds, Lauren and her mother made their way across the stone patio to find out if perhaps all the excitement that we were experiencing had something to do with finding Lauren’s ring. They were happily surprised to see the class ring in my hand! Lauren was beyond thrilled to experience such a very special reunion with the ring that she cherished so very much! It was one class ring reunion that I will not easily forget! She was so taken back that I was able to find this extremely beautiful piece of craftsmanship that represented such an important accomplishment in Lauren’s life! Janice was equally excited and quite impressed that I was able to find the ring so quickly with so many acres of land out there to search!

Dorothy Hamill at Her Finest!

It was there that night, on that famous ice skater’s formally owned estate that the four of us celebrated our own special victory with the successful search and recovery of Lauren’s gold high school class ring! It was absolutely thrilling for me to be invited onto such a lovely estate to help this dear family find something so important as Lauren’s beloved keepsake!

Hamill was the Most Famous Skater During the 1970’s

Not only was it a very nostalgic time for me, knowing that Dorothy Hamill once lived on the property where I had conducted my search, but it was equally exciting to know that two of our most prominent monuments honoring our first president, George Washington, were constructed with the rock that was pulled from this very propert nearly two centuries ago!


Now, every time I pass the Washington Monument in our nation’s capital of Washington DC, I always think to myself how special it was to have found a lost ring on the same land where most of those blocks of marble were originally dug up from Scott’s quarry so many years earlier! And to think that this mansion was built and dwelled within by Mr. Scott himself dating all the way back to the late 1700s! It was truly a very special ring recovery adventure, filled with several sentimental and historical significances! I will never forget that magical night at Scott’s mansion in Cockeysville, Maryland! Never will I forget it!

More History About Scott’s Quarry

As shared above, Scott’s Quarry’s marble was used to build the very first monument (located in Baltimore, Maryland) honoring the life and legacy of America’s first president, George Washington.

Scott’s Quarry Historic Marker

Designed by architect Robert Mills and erected between 1815 and 1829, this was the first public monument erected to George Washington. The construction contract specified “the whole of the column is to be of the whitest and the best quality marble from Scott’s Quarry.”

Another great piece of construction honoring our great American leader is The Washington Monument in our nation’s capital. It too was made from the same marble limestone that Baltimore’s Washington Monument was made out of. It towers above the city that bears Washington’s name, serving as an awe-inspiring reminder of George Washington’s greatness. The monument, like the man, stands in no one’s shadow.

The Washington Monument, designed by Robert Mills and eventually completed by Thomas Casey and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, honors and memorializes George Washington at the center of the nation’s capital. The structure was completed in two phases of construction: Phase 1: (1848-1854) and Phase 2: (1876-1884). Built in the shape of an Egyptian obelisk, evoking the timelessness of ancient civilizations, the Washington Monument embodies the awe, respect, and gratitude the nation felt for its most essential Founding Father. When completed, the Washington Monument was the tallest building in the world at 555 feet, 5-1/8 inches.

The First Washington Monument in Baltimore, Maryland

In the beginning, the original idea for Washington’s statue was to have our first president sitting on a horse. Washington liked the concept. However, ultimately others didn’t favor the design when it came to deciding on the equestrian look. Then, in 1836, 37 years after Washington’s death, architect Robert Mills, who also designed Baltimore’s monument to Washington, came up with a new design for an obelisk (a pencil like structure) that appealed to planners. “It was modern in its concept,” said Baltimore County historian John McGrain. “It’s a very sleek, straightforward kind of design.”

Americans were urged to contribute $1.00 each for the stately structure. The cornerstone was laid in 1848, but construction was stopped as funding dried up and the Civil War was on the horizon. Work resumed and was completed in 1884, giving the monument two different shades of marble. According to park service research, the marble for the bottom section came from what is now Redland Genstar in Texas, Maryland near Interstate Route 83 outside the city of Baltimore, Maryland. The top 300 to 400 feet of the amazing 555 foot tall structure came from Scott’s Quarry in Cockeysville, Maryland only 18 minutes from Texas, Maryland.

In the early years of the marble business in the 1840s, the rock, dug from a string of canyonlike pits in the area, was used for such notable buildings as the Capitol in Washington, Baltimore’s City Hall and the Baltimore County Courthouse. Many of the city’s well-known white marble steps also came from the quarry. “They say this is the stone that built Baltimore,” Gease said.

In those days, marble was extracted tediously by hand, mostly by Irish immigrants who had fled their famine-stricken country for the $1.00 to $1.50-a-day wages at a quarry. The laborers chiseled the stone from beds that were formed millions of years ago as masses of mucky sediment were squeezed, melted and recrystallized. The cut marble slabs were heaved into carts and rolled about a half-mile to the Cockeysville railroad station for delivery to such destinations as Washington DC.

The Second Washington Monument in Washington DC

In 1998, during the more recent Washington Monument restoration project, fresh blocks of Scott’s Quarry limestone was discovered to replace old broken pieces from the weathered historical structure. This time, in the modern age, the stone was transported to DC in a more simpler fashion. A flatbed truck carried the designated marble to the Nation’s Capital where it was reunited with its 150 year old counterpart that originally helped to make up the world’s tallest free-standing masonry structure.

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If you would like to watch the SEARCH VIDEO and the RING REVEAL pertaining to this story, the video will be uploaded soon. To receive a NOTIFICATION letting you know when the video is uploaded to YOUTUBE: go to YOUTUBE by CLICKING THE LINK BELOW or OPEN your YOUTUBE APP on your device. In the SEARCH BAR, type: THE RING RETURNER, click SUBSCRIBE and lastly, CLICK ON THE “BELL” to receive NOTIFICATIONS when this latest search video is available to view! 







How to Find a Lost Ring Thrown in a Yard…Bel Air, Maryland

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Niesh’s Spectacular Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Sparkling Once Again!

Peter’s Decision to Contact THE RING FINDERS Ultimately Returns Smiles to the Couple’s Faces!


If you want to find a lost ring that was thrown by you or a loved one during a time of stress, check out THE RING FINDERS website and contact a local RING FINDER metal detectorist in your area! That’s what Peter did and he got his wife’s engagement ring / wedding band back on her finger in nearly minutes!

I received a text from a very frustrated young man who spent a couple days searching with a metal detector for his wife’s lost engagement and wedding band (which were welded together) out in their backyard. Finally, when he gave up, Peter went online looking for additional help and eventually he came across THE RING FINDERS directory. He asked if I could be of assistance and I told Peter that I was more than excited to help him find Niesh’s missing ring.

Like many couples experience, Peter and Niesh had a heated moment between the two of them. At some point during the night of their conflict, Niesh took off her engagement ring / wedding band and placed it on her dresser. Out of anger, Peter took the sentimental 14 Karat White Gold, 3.5 Carat Diamond keepsake, opened the french doors to his rear deck located on the second floor of their house and chucked the beloved piece of jewelry as far as he could out onto the backyard lawn.

Over 50% of all of my ring searches have to do with rings that were lost due to a “throw” or “toss” during a couple’s argument. If you are reading this article and you had a similar situation, please do not feel condemnation for what took place. This is very common and there’s hope for you in recovering your lost ring, pendant or other keepsake. You must not waste time, emotions and physical energy…immediately call THE RING FINDERS to help you!

As I talked to Peter on the phone, I gathered all of the facts regarding the lost ring. Just like with an investigation, you have to ask all of the right questions before you can start to crack the case! We set up a time for me to come out the next morning to do my search. I assured the distraught young man that he would get his wife’s ring back to her and that he did not have to worry about a thing.

Early the next morning, around 6:30am, I started driving the hour and fifteen minute journey to the search site. I couldn’t wait to find the missing ring that Peter, his wife and several others could not recover from the backyard. People were walking all over the lawn searching for the jewel, and in addition to that, the metal detector that Peter acquired couldn’t do the job either in pulling the ring from the grass.

Once I arrived, my client took me to his backyard and shortly thereafter I started the hunt! Peter pointed out the approximate direction where he believed he saw the ring fly towards the ground. I explained to him that it is always helpful to get as much information as possible. However, because I find lost items in the complete opposite directions of where my clients thought their possessions had ended up, I leave all possibilities open on the table! I warned Peter not to worry if he saw me metal detecting in a totally unlikely area from where he thought he saw the ring fly. He agreed with a smile. All he wanted was to get his wife’s ring back and forget about what happened a couple days earlier.

My strategy entailed grid searching from the far left side of the property all the way to the right end of the estate. There was probably an acre of property back there, but I was only concerned with about 35 yards square to search. Rings can easily fly 100 ft or more depending on the circumstances so I had much territory to cover.

I finished the first grid line in about three or four minutes. Then, I returned back in the opposite direction to complete the second line. As I was completing the third line, my detector gave me the perfect target signal which lined up with the description of Peter’s wife’s ring. Because THE RING FINDERS’ detectorists (like myself) are experts in recovering rings, we know how to set up our detectors correctly and to discriminate out any unwanted signals. This was one signal that I was excited to receive in my headphones! Though the target was located on the far side of the lawn (opposite in the direction of where Peter believed he saw the band fly), I was almost certain that I had discovered Niesh’s ring. Before I even had a chance to kneel down to the ground to investigate the signal, my eyes had already locked on to the most beautiful and gorgeous looking piece of circular metal surrounded by diamonds everywhere! I found the missing ring! I couldn’t wait to break the news to Peter! He would finally be relieved of all of his worries and frustrations! That was the whole reason why he invited me into this important search to begin with! And I certainly delivered what he was looking for!

Moments later, I surprised Peter with the precious keepsake! He was certainly blown away by my successful efforts! The man could not believe that I had found the ring in less than 5 minutes of searching. Also, he was equally surprised that I found the band on the far opposite side of the lawn! He thought that it landed somewhere on the left side, but I found it much farther over to the right end of the lawn. This confirmed what I told him before regarding how I find things in the opposite directions of where people think their possessions had ended up!

Peter was wearing a face mask (due to the Covid-19 pandemic) so I couldn’t see his facial expressions when I surprised him with the ring. However, the way he excitedly moved about following the great news I shared, certainly showed me how he couldn’t believe that the nightmare was finally over! Now that I had found the very piece of jewelry that he presented to his wife when he asked her to marry her, and the same ring that he put on her finger on their wedding day, Peter could breathe easy again! He was so happy and extremely grateful for my recovery efforts!

As soon as I packed up my gear, I said goodbye to Peter and made my way down the road. The young man who was wise enough to call a professional ring finder, excitedly returned into his house with the ring that he so desperately sought after. He walked straight upstairs to the bedroom, woke up his sleeping wife, and with the warmest smile of love on his face, Peter presented his bride Niesh with the happiest surprise of her week! The young lady’s “other” special gem had finally returned home to her!




By far one of the most professional people that I’ve ever come across. Took my worry and made it his worry, in turn, he found my wife’s ring. I’m beyond words, when describing the happiness that I feel. I am grateful, appreciative and thankful for finding you Brian. Thank you snd I pray for the best in any and all of your endeavors!


Peter and Niesh

Bel Air, Maryland


If you would like to view the SEARCH VIDEO and the fantastic RING REVEAL pertaining to this search, please subscribe to my YouTube channel and you will be notified when the search video is uploaded onto YouTube.


If you would like to watch the SEARCH VIDEO and the RING REVEAL pertaining to this story, the video will be uploaded soon. To receive a NOTIFICATION letting you know when the video is uploaded to YOUTUBE: go to YOUTUBE by CLICKING THE LINK BELOW or OPEN your YOUTUBE APP on your device. In the SEARCH BAR, type: THE RING RETURNER, click SUBSCRIBE and lastly, CLICK ON THE “BELL” to receive NOTIFICATIONS when this latest search video is available to view! 






Lost Sentimental Gold Ring in Grass…Found in Springfield, Virginia

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Janet’s Beautiful and Sentimental Keepsake Ring

Janet’s Smile Shines Once Again as She Holds Her Lovely Black Hills Ring!


I received a call from a young lady named Erin who was requesting help with recovering her mother-in-law’s ring that had gone missing four months earlier in the month of August, 2019. Erin’s 5-year old daughter, Journey, was gifted a Black Hill’s gold ring that had belonged to her grandmother, Janet, for many years prior to its recent disappearance. Unfortunately, the ring was lost somewhere on “Grammy’s” Springfield, Virginia front lawn just days after it was given to the little one during a family summer vacation visit from California. I came to learn that the ring had very special meaning to Janet.


When Janet was 11-years old, back in 1967, her best friend and fellow private school classmate, Kathy Vasil, gave Janet a pretty Black Hills gold ring as a special friendship gift. The keepsake’s design depicted the classic Black Hill’s signature images of leaves, grape clusters and vines, made with alloys of gold with standard yellow gold, as well as green and pink accents. It was quite pretty! Janet had worn the ring for over 50 years!

Over the years Janet’s mother, Charline, admired her daughter’s ring so much that Janet decided to search for an exact duplicate of her gold ring to bless her mom with such a gift. Amazingly enough, with much unrelenting diligence, she found the same item and both ended up with matching Black Hills gold rings! Charline treasured the piece of jewelry up until the time of her death two years later in the winter of 2011. She was only 77 years old.

After Janet’s mother passed away, she decided to hand the ring down to her daughter Krystal Marie who cherished the piece of gold jewelry for the next 5 years. But then, in the month of October, 2016, at the age of 35, Janet’s beloved daughter, also tragically died. She was beyond devastated, her world completely shattered.

Sadly, there would be even more catastrophic events that would take place. Between the years 2009 and 2018, Janet and her family not only lost her dear mother and precious daughter, but she would end up losing her 34 year old son, Jacob Daniel, in April of 2013, and Janet’s youngest sister, Julie, who died at age 47 in the month of April of 2018! No one could have ever imagined such a devastating plot would have to be endured for Janet and family. Tragedy was at every corner of this family’s existence for nearly a decade. It has been a miracle that this woman has been able to survive through such grief and despair. Janet shared with me that she has had no other choice but to cling to her faith in the Lord, for there is no other hope to hold onto after losing so many people that she has loved so much!

This article honors the memory of these dear people who lost their lives so prematurely: Mother Charline, Son Jacob Daniel, Daughter Krystal Marie, and youngest Sister Julie. May these loved ones never be forgotten, ever!

Three years had gone by since Krystal Marie passed away, and Janet decided in August of 2019 to gift the family heirloom ring to her precious granddaughter Journey Danielle whose initials “J.D.” were inspired from her late uncle, Jacob Daniel. When Janet’s son Jason and daughter-in-law Erin brought their family to Virginia to have a summer vacation visit, “Sunshine” (the nickname that Journey and Janet both happen to call each other after years of traditionally singing together the classic song “You Are My Sunshine”) felt emotionally compelled to bless her granddaughter with that special matching ring that had once belonged to Journey’s great grandmother and aunt. It would be something very special to share between the two “Sunshines” throughout the years ahead. Little did Grammy know that within a few days of enjoying the ring on Journey’s finger for the first time, the precious little girl would accidentally lose the keepsake out in the front yard as she was playing with some other children and family members.

During the summer trip, Journey Danielle very much enjoyed wearing the special ring that her grandmother had given her during her stay in Springfield, Virginia. She wore it on her index finger most of the time. But on the afternoon when the ring was lost, the granddaughter switched fingers and the family heirloom ended up on her middle finger which made it more susceptible to slipping off.

Janet was sitting on her front porch step while the kids were playing in the front yard. Before long, Janet noticed her granddaughter whispering something into her parents’ ears. She didn’t know what had happened when she saw some of her family members crawling on all fours searching for something on the front lawn. Nonetheless, she was about to find out. She turned to her son Jason and asked what was wrong. He replied by saying, “Its worse.” He then explained that Journey had just accidentally lost the ring in the course of her playtime.

Little girl Sunshine was very upset and at one point she began to cry knowing how special this ring was, not only to Grammy but also to Journey herself. Janet’s love and compassion for her 5 year old granddaughter was so deep that she looked outside of her own sadness and disappointment for the loss of the ring and decided to go back into the house, open up her jewelry armoire, take out her matching ring that was given to her by her childhood best friend and give it to her daughter-in-law Erin to give to Journey. Erin in turn placed the ring on the grass so that her daughter would spot it and find relief that the ring was back in her care. Janet chose this approach because she felt so bad for her granddaughter, but she also did this for the rest of the family, as well. She didn’t want her family guests, whom she valued their presence so very much, to spend the rest of their summer vacation trip worrying about the ring and be preoccupied with trying to find it on the front lawn. With all of the tragedies throughout the decade, this matriarch of the family just wanted to spend those remaining days making memories with the family, not searching for a ring presumed to be gone forever.

Eventually, Janet’s family had to return back to California and in the months that followed their vacation, Erin felt terrible that the ring had never been recovered on her mother-in-law’s property and that Janet had given her own childhood keepsake to Journey, leaving Grammy with neither ring. She wondered if there was a metal detecting service in Virginia that could provide assistance in recovering Janet’s ring. She searched online and discovered THE RING FINDERS metal detectorist directory. She found my name listed as one of the metal detectorists listed for Springfield, Virginia.


Erin and I talked for about 15 or 20 minutes and I answered all of her questions regarding what I do and how I provide services to recover lost items. Her biggest concern was that the ring may have been washed away down the hill of the property and into the street. I told her not to worry about that happening and that my professional assessment was that the ring was still resting exactly in the same place where it was dropped several months earlier. It may have settled slightly below the dirt, but not by much in such a short period of time. She was quite relieved. I told her that I was delighted to help recover this ring and I was excited to meet her mother-in-law Janet.

Erin and I agreed that she would be the liaison between me and Janet and as soon as she contacted her mother-in-law to approve the search, Erin would let me know that everything was in place for me to schedule an appropriate time for me to visit Janet’s property in Springfield, Virginia. Eventually, I spoke with Janet on the phone and I got all of the details regarding the type of ring that was lost and the story behind the lovely family keepsake.

Later that night, I visited the Springfield, Virginia property. It was pouring rain with no end in sight! However, that did not deter me from my commitment to finding the missing ring. Before I began, I introduced myself to Janet and she showed me the probable spots of where the ring may have ended up. Next, I bowed my head and asked my faithful Lord to help me in my efforts to recover the item. Lastly, I pulled out all of my equipment and rain gear from the car and started the wet search in the hot zones that were discussed earlier.

Janet explained that her granddaughter only played in the front yard when she lost the ring. It wasn’t long before Journey realized that the ring was no longer on her finger. Therefore, we were 100% certain that the Black Hills gold keepsake was in fact lost somewhere in the front yard and nowhere else. That gave me quite a bit of reassurance. The front yard was maybe about 90 feet across and perhaps 65 feet from the front door to the street. Because the ring was quite small and it had been missing for over a third of a year, it was most likely covered by a bit of dirt and grass by now. Therefore, I moved slowly and cautiously across my gridlines. Not only did I metal detect on the top portion of the lawn, but I also moved down the slopes and worked below as well. When I couldn’t find the ring in the middle portion of the lawn where Janet had initially directed me to, I switched directions and began a grid search on the right side of the house (if you are facing the front of the house from the street).

The rain was coming down pretty hard at times and yet I fought through the wet weather during the entire search process. I kept moving across that side of the lawn and down the hill and then back up again just to make sure that I didn’t miss a single target. Most of the potential signals that I got were pieces of metal that were too far below the surface to be seriously considered for being the ring I was looking for. However, as I stated before, I checked everything nonetheless, and very carefully indeed. When nothing checked out on that side of the lawn and down below in the areas of grass between Janet’s property and her neighbor’s house, I resolved to begin detecting on the left side of the front lawn (facing the front of the house) and working my way down the side slopes.

One target signal after another, I checked the depth readings on my detector screen and still nothing indicated that I had hit the object that I was hunting for. Unfortunately, the sky would not relent with dumping more rain down from above! I was soaked! Yet, I was determined to recover “Sunshine’s” beloved ring!

Approximately an hour and forty-five minutes after I began the very wet search, I got another decent signal that was coming from the left front side of the property. Maybe 15 feet from the house and just a foot or so from the slope leading down to the driveway, the target signal appeared to be extremely shallow in depth and it was in the VDI (Visual Display Indicator) number range on my detector that I was looking for on my screen. There was also a certain “bounce” to the tone that made me believe that I could have possibly found the ring! Immediately, I pulled out my pinpointer and began to narrow the target zone until that very special moment that I had been waiting for for nearly a couple of hours finally took place! My eyes and fingers laid a hold of the gold that I had yearned to find! The pretty little gold ring was resting at the bottom of the grass and was wedged part way into the ground! I had found it! I couldn’t have been more excited at that moment! I knew that Janet would be beyond relieved that her cherished momento that had disappeared four months earlier would finally be returned to her!

It really was a fulfilling experience to search for something that was on  young Journey’s finger all those months back and now it was finally discovered right where it was lost! Finding the ring at that very spot where it was dropped during that playful time for the young little girl brought such a sentimental thrill for me! This was the very place where all the happy-go-lucky emotions had come to a standstill back in August. It went from a day of celebration and fun to a time of regret and sadness when the ring fell into the grass and was undiscoverable. It was right there, all of this time, from that summer afternoon in front of Janet’s house until two weeks before Christmas!

It gave me such gratification to my soul knowing that I was continuing the story of this ring for Janet and her family, especially knowing how much grief this woman had already gone through with the loss of both her mother and daughter who had both held possession of this very ring. In addition to the loss of Charline and Krystal Marie, as shared earlier, more pain was added with the passing of Janet’s son Jacob Daniel and sister Julie. Finally, with the return of this ring, there would be hints of sunshine peeking through the thick shades of darkness and dispair in Janet’s world! Something happy had just taken place.

That night, Janet would be surprised with the return of her beloved ring! She began to cry so beautifully out there on her front porch when I revealed to her what I had found deep in the grass on her front lawn! Watching those tears fall from her eyes onto her cheeks was worth every bit of the time I spent searching for the lost ring when the sky above cried its own tears during that cold and wet winter night! What a special time it was!

Janet’s daughter-in-law, Erin, who had originally called me to request my help in finding the lost ring, was equally moved emotionally by my successful recovery of Janet’s lost keepsake. She was so grateful. I shared with Erin on the phone and by text message just how happy I was to be a part of this reunion between Janet and her lovely Black Hills gold ring. It was Erin that made all of this possible!

I know without a doubt that Charline, Jacob Daniel, Krystal Marie, and Julie would have been so happy that this ring was finally back on the loving finger of their beloved family member after all that time gone missing. Perhaps their smiles were shining so brightly that night for their sweet Janet of Springfield, Virginia – the woman who they felt such love from during their brief years upon the earth, and the woman who will always be loved, cherished and remembered by her most treasured family…both near and from afar.

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Black Hills gold jewelry is a type of jewelry manufactured in the Black Hills of South Dakota. It was first created in the 1870s during the Black Hills gold rush by a French goldsmith named Henry LeBeau, who is said to have dreamed about the design after passing out from thirst and starvation. Black Hills gold jewelry depicts leaves, grape clusters and vines, and is made with alloys of gold with standard yellow gold as well as green and pink gold. In 1980, the Eighth Circuit affirmed an injunction, ruling that if a manufacturer was to call its jewelry, Black Hills gold, then it must be made in the Black Hills. The state of South Dakota designated Black Hills gold as the official state jewelry in 1988.

The designs use grapes, grape leaves and grape vines and are easily recognizable for their distinctive colors. Silver is alloyed with yellow gold to produce the green hue, and copper alloyed with the yellow gold to make the red or pink gold. The jewelry was originally made with South Dakota mined gold but in more recent years, since the closure of the Homestake Mine, the gold is sourced elsewhere.