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Lost Key Summerlea Neighborhood, Edmonton Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)



Devon contact me requesting my service to locate his lost key to his car which he explained that he parked his car in his parking spot and dropped the one and only key to his car! 2 days ago somewhere between his car and house. Devon searched but he was unsuccessful in locating it in the snow.

I met Devon at his house he showed me where his car is parked and the area he walked to his house I found his key about 6 feet from his parked car! Devon was very grateful to have his one and only key back in his had. I asked Devon why does he not have an extra key cut? he told me that his car is discontinued and its a big hassle from GM to get a new key cut and programed.

Thank you Devon.

Found Keys In Burlington VT

  • from Burlington (Vermont, United States)

This is my Winter for finding keys for people!
Got a call last night from a woman in Burlington who had lost keys to both their cars and the house. She was shoveling after a huge snowstorm and later realized her keys were missing. She searched all her pockets, the car, all through the house and in the snow as much as she could. I went up tonight after work and began by surface scanning all the snowbanks, and got no good signals. Then I got out my all-plastic shovel and we started digging through all the snow piles. She would dig and I would scan each shovel full. After about an hour, I could sense that she was getting discouraged and getting a sore back. So, I started digging, and she scanned. We were nearing the end of digging out all the piles when we found the keys. What a scream of relief! Those keys were going to cost a bunch of money. Now they have around $800 to spend on their 3 year old daughter, instead of buying 2 car keys!
Another awesome search ending!

Lost Keys in Snow recovered in Penhold Alberta

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

A desperate call from Leslie on Christmas Eve, her daughter had been shoveling their sidewalks and lost the only set of keys for their Car fortunately they also had a Truck. Due to the winter storm I was unable to travel the Highway that evening and we arranged for me to go out on Boxing Day.   The weather was good on Boxing Day and I drove 120 kilometers to her home in Penhold, Alberta without any problem.  When I arrived Leslie showed me the areas that were best to search, after kicking down and searching the 2 foot mounds of snow along the front of the yard I turned to the path leading up to the house and around to the side.  After 1 hour I still had not found the keys.   I then started work the center of the front yard and after a few passes found the keys in the middle of the yard a good 15 feet from the sidewalk, that girl sure has a good arm.   Leslie was thrilled to get the keys back as they were the only set and it would have cost  $500.00 to get new ones.   I love the smiles I get when I recover lost valuables for people just look at Leslie beaming below.

Happy to have keys back


Lost Keys Found In Ski Area

  • from Burlington (Vermont, United States)

Got a message from a student at Vermont Technical College last night…..Go Green Knights! He had been snowboarding at the college’s ski area. I went down this evening, knowing that it was probably his only set of keys, and knowing how much they cost these days to replace. He needed his car so he could go to work this Sunday. He turned on the trail’s lights and I thought oh no, this could be a very long hunt! Also, the weather was getting cold and windy fast. I planned on going back Saturday to hunt more if needed. After about an hour of searching and many false signals, luck panned out! He was so relieved and I was very happy.