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14k Promise Ring Lost! Travelodge Parking Lot, Edmonton Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


Jake called me requesting my assistance to locate his girlfriend’s 14k yellow gold promise ring lost while brushing off snow from their vehicle.

I met up with Jake and Emma at the parking lot. I could sense that both where very stressed that the ring was lost and assured them I would find the ring for them.

Jake had bought the ring for Emma 1 day ago and while Emma was brushing off the snow from their car roof without gloves.  In our Canadian cold climate your fingers got very cold quickly and the ring flew off her finger onto the parking lot somewhere.  They had searched for the ring with no luck.

Within ten minutes of arriving the ring was found and returned to a very happy couple after an extremely stressful afternoon.

Lost Keys off Highway 830 Strathcona County, Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

Derek called asking if I was able to help him locate his lost keys in the ditch.  Derek, unfortunately, ended up in the ditch after hitting a patch of ice on the highway, his truck rolled and all the contents were thrown out into the snow,

I met up with Derek on the side of the highway and he told me he had searched the spot a few times with no luck! Within ten minute I found his keys not far from where he had being searching.

Luckily Derek got out unscathed but his truck did not.

Great Great Grandmother’s Heirloom Ring Lost on Toboggan Hill Beaumaris Park, Edmonton, Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


I received an urgent call around 8:15 pm from Ihsan requesting my service to locate his niece’s ring which she lost while playing in the snow. It was imperative to find this ring because his niece was flying home to Sydney Australia in the morning. After asking Ihsan a few questions I agreed to meet him within ½ hour.
When I arrived at the park and meet Ihsan I could sense he was very upset. He told me he had his whole family out on the hill searching for five hours with no luck. I assured Ihsan if the ring was there I would find it for him providing he put me in the area that the ring was lost in and he did.
His niece was making snow angles and had pulled the ring off her finger and put it in her pocket for safe keeping. After she got up she put her hand in her pocket and was shocked to find the ring was gone.
Ihsan told me the ring belonged to his niece’s great, great Grandmother and that it was very sentimental to the whole family. I began my search and within 15 minutes I found a rose gold ring in the area but that was not the ring! The ring I was looking for was a yellow gold ring with a diamond so we faced timed his niece and showed her the ring. She said that was one of her rings but she never told anyone that she had lost both rings as she was only concerned about her great, great Grandmothers ring.
I knew by my experience the other ring was close by and within a few minutes found the other ring, Ihsan was excited to have both rings back in his hand and I’m positive the whole family were over the moon, And his niece will never forget her stay in snowy Edmonton Alberta.

Tungsten Wedding Ring Lost. Laurier Heights, Edmonton, Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


I received a text last night from Vincent asking if a metal detector could detect a Tungsten Ring. It was lost while he was shoveling snow on his driveway. I agreed to meet up with him around 11am today.
Vincent showed me the area where his ring could be so I search the area but No ring was found.
I went to the other side of his driveway and searched a snow bank about 20’ x 3’ wide and Bingo there was Vincent’s ring. I called Vincent over and he was over the moon to have his ring back on his finger.
This was the second time Vincent had lost a ring.
Another very happy Client! Thank you Vincent

18k White Gold Wedding Ring Lost, Weir Industrial S/E Edmonton Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

Gaurav called me this morning requesting my service to locate his 18k white gold wedding ring which he had just lost while brushing snow off his car. He and a friend spent about one hour searching around the car with no luck and gave up.

Gaurav did a Google search and found me! The rest is history.

I meet Gaurav in the parking lot where the ring was lost and he told me what had happened.  I could see where he had been searching and the pile of snow which he had pushed to the side. I gave Gaurav one of my test rings and told him to show me how he was brushing the snow and to let the ring go to see which direction the ring flew.  The ring landed in the area where he had shoveled the snow to a pile, so I knew without a shadow of a doubt that the ring had to be in that pile of snow.  Bingo, I called Gaurav over and told him I had found his ring.  He was very happy to have the ring back on his finger! He told me that he had just gotten married three weeks ago and that he had also missed his flight back home to Vancouver today because he had to find his ring.

I was very pleased to be able to give Gaurav a happy and memorable stay in Edmonton.

Norm Peters
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Fob & Keys Lost in a Pasture! Sturgeon County. Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


Allen called this afternoon requesting my service to locate his Fob & keys which he lost while chaseing one of his dogs in the pasture last Sunday. Allen told me his wife Christina was home and would show me the approximate area.

I met Christina and we headed out into the pasture.  We walked about 150 feet into the pasture and bingo, I found Allen’s fob & Keys! Christina told me they went out five time searching with no luck and Allen had not slept well the past few days.  Both where delighted to have the fob and keys back Thank you Allen and Christina for entrusting me to locate your fob & keys.


Key Fob Lost in Laurel Neighborhood Edmonton Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


Donald called me to ask if I could find his one and only key fob which he had lost two days ago while shoveling snow.
He had banked the snow about a foot deep along his side walk. Donald told me he searched for hours plus he purchased a metal detector from someone on the Net which did not help him.
I agreed to meet with him and I could see where he had been searching. I quickly searched the area and no key was found so I asked Donald to show me how he shoveled the snow as I wanted to see how far he threw the snow to give me an idea for a starting point for me to search. Within a couple of passes I found his key fob. Donald was delighted to have his key back and able to drive his vehicle again and as you all know, how costly these key fobs are to replace.
It was a pleasure of being of service to you Donald,

Lost Gold Engagement Ring, Ottwell Neighborhood, Edmonton Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


I received a frantic call form Linda yesterday afternoon requesting my service to locate her gold engagement ring which she had lost while installing her Christmas lights! Linda told me she had spent a couple of hours searching for her ring in the shrubs and on the lawn with no luck. Within a 1/2 hour I arrived and within 5 minutes her ring was returned to her! Linda was so relieved to have her ring back on her finger where it had been for the past 43 years.
Thank you Linda, for entrusting me to find your ring.