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Lost Engagement Ring Found on Beach in Eastham, Cape Cod, MA

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

Others using several different detectors over many hours had  search the beach area during a ten day period before I had my chance to detect  the area. In an hour and forty minutes on the beach I dug over 50 pull tabs and  bottle caps before locating the platinum ring holding onto its nine beautiful  diamonds. Somehow it had hidden from the onslaught and waited for me to unearth  it from beneath 5 inches of wet sand, just one inch above the water table. Cell  calls to Maine and frantic runs up the hill for better reception to communicate correct  information culminated in another Happy Ending with a big Smile on Nicole’s  face for my memory book. I will also cherish the wonderful hand made ceramic crab ornament and two candy dishes I was given.