Black Diamonds ARE Forever. Lost,Cape Cod,Found,Returned, Yarmouth Beach

A call came in yesterday, to help find a Wedding Band that was lost the day prior in waste deep water. Rick called and asked if I wanted to go, I said he was on his own for this one, that I had a few things to do. I thought about how vast the area was, so I called back, and said I’ll meet him at his house ASAP. We met Stephanie and Chris at the beach lot about an hour later. They seemed real precise as to where they thought it to be. They walked out ahead of us, as we got ready for the search. Rick and I walked out about a mile onto the sand, then into waste deep water. We both searched for quite some time with no luck two junk targets a bullet and a penny.

I asked Chris to regroup, and stand where he thought it was, he was having second thoughts, he moved about 150 feet over.  Again Rick and I searched, and searched, still nothing. I then asked Stephanie where she thought it was lost, and to go over and stand there, so I could start my search over. Rick was still out far and walking away from Chris with no targets at all. I headed towards Stephanie, as I approached her, I said ” I just don’t get it, I just don’t get it. Not a signal in that whole area, even after an hour, it’s crazy. I told her not to give up till she sees us walking toward the truck. That if it was there and I went over it that I would hear it. I think Chris and Stephanie were about to throw in the beach towel, but as I walked by her, finally a very loud signal 4 feet away from where she was standing in the water. I looked over to her and smiled, Her eyes got huge, her smile even bigger, she had a hard time controlling her emotions. Stephanie knew, I had just recovered what they both thought was lost forever, King Neptune finally gave in to me. Stephanie was shaking, I’m not sure if it was from the cold, or from being excited. She yelled over to Chris, he started to run fast as he could in the water, I yelled faster, faster, he couldn’t get there fast enough to see what the commotion was all about. Rick knew already I had just found Chris’s  beautiful 14K white gold wedding band, with black diamonds set into the center. I handed it over to Chris as he teared up also. So gratifying to see it back on his finger.

Lot’s of congratulations and hand shakes went around, Chris kept repeating he just couldn’t believe we did what we said we would do. Great team work is always a plus. Thanks again to Rick for the invite. Now I will say it myself. Congratulations Chris and Stephanie on your return. Thank You for getting in touch with Rick & myself.

14K white Gold Black Diamonds

Leighton & Chris after return

Chris with band

Stephanie & Chris

Sincerely Leighton


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  1. Stephanie says:

    We called Cape Cod Metal Detectors to possibly rent a metal detector. The woman told us $35/day. We asked if it went underwater and she laughed and said “call Rick.” We asked how much his services would cost and she said free. We were disbelieving and a little shocked. The thought of not trying to find it again after already spending hours looking seemed like giving up, and we didn’t want that! Rick was so pleasant on the phone and clearly loves what he does. He said he was born to do this. I asked about his success rate and he said 85%. I was sold and had to hold back my excitement. Leighton and Rick were at the beach when we arrived. We went out to the spot as best we could remember. We were in knee to thigh-high water. We were instructed to stay put which wasn’t always easy because we still wanted to look. We were very cold as it was overcast and rainy and didn’t have anything more than our swimsuits that we brought on vacation. I took a break when my feet went numb and went to shore for my rain jacket, Soon after I went back out and Leighton worked his way over, I knew from his face when he found it. He was so close to me. It was absolutely amazing and shocking. I couldn’t believe it was really happening. We are eternally grateful to these wonderful men who can apparently find needles in haystacks. They had all the best equipment ($2500 metal detector!) and enthusiasm, even in terrible weather! “We’re going to get wet anyway” Leighton said. I really didn’t think we’d see the ring again. I think we’re still in shock. We’ve told the story, sometimes multiple times, to family members and all were silent for a moment in disbelief. These men make the impossible possible. Complete game-changers. Thank you so, so much Rick and Leighton!

    1. Perfect story and a perfect ending. It was our pleasure to have re united this wedding band with you folks. It was a challenge but we got it done. Stay in touch. Sincerely Leighton

  2. Richard Browne says:

    Not much more to say except: I believe Leighton and I make the BEST RINGFINDERS team on the Cape!
    Most of the items we have not found were later found by the owner in their home, in their car or in another location than we were told the loss had occurred. At least when we give up, we know where the item IS NOT.
    Congratulations Chris and Stephanie, and Thanks for contacting J&E Enterprise. I talked with Eleanor and told her of the return and this Blog.

    1. That about says it all. Thank You Rick for staying positive,and Persistent. We get it done in fashion.

    2. Louis Sarkas says:

      I will agree with you on being the best Ringfinders team on the Cape, Both of you are awesome. Keep on keeping on.

  3. Griff says:

    Good story and great results. Beautiful ring.

    1. Thank You for the positive feedback Happy hunting.

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