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Old Silver Beach, Falmouth, MA – Fastest Ring Return

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

June 9, 2021; while I was out returning a watch that had been left at a swimming pool I had a call from Fernando about a lost Promissory Ring. It had been left on a beach chair while applying sun screen protection. It was the second time the ring had been removed and Fernanda had become very enthusiastic to be back at the beach in the sun and sand. The excitement was just enough to take her mind away from returning her ring to her finger before it fell from the chair into the soft warm sand. All the searching did not find the ring.

A metal detector was the answer, but not the one that was rented and used for quite some time. Only nip bottles, a tent peg and some aluminum pieces were found. The ring had been lost since Sunday, it was now Wednesday when I received the call. I knew there was one detectorist that frequents Old Silver Beach just about every morning. It worried me on my hour drive to the beach that he may have already found the ring.

At the beach; a review of where, when and how the ring was lost. Looking down at the area there was a new group of beach goers spreading their blankets, towels, chairs and cooler in the exact spot were the ring had been lost. While I got my gear ready, Fernanda politely asked the group if they could move about 15 feet down the beach. The group was glad to do it and cheered me on as I arrived at the area to search. The pile of found targets was in the sand marking a area that had been searched and a few broken search boundary lines were still visible.

I set myself to start my search close to the blanket that had been move and started westward away from the water. BANG! Second swing a solid indication from my detector that there was a target that needed to be removed from the sand. A shallow scoop and the ring was the only object in the scoop. I moved the scoop toward Fernanda so she could remove it and place it back on her finger. I could not believe it, less than 15 seconds had passed since I started to search. This was indeed the fastest search and return I have ever made. The following cheers, congratulations, Thank Yous lasted much, much longer. There was even talk about the Promissory Ring being replaced by a bigger diamond. Everyone wished Fernando the best and promised to remember The Ring Finders should they ever have a need for help in locating a “lost” metal object.

What a welcome to MBL Woods Hole, MA

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

Martin, a new student at MBL, (Marine Biological Laboratory), in Woods Hole, had one heck of an unforgettable first night. Nothing like this would happen in his motherland of Germany. It started with bright blue lights all around him, the kind he will never forget. The light was not in he rear view mirror but rather all around him as he wadded in the waist deep waters of Buzzards Bay. The bio-luminescence comb jellyfish were the source of this light. – see: http://yesterdaysisland.com/natures-living-light-show-bioluminescence/ for more on this unique sea creature.

However, while thoroughly enjoying the moment, a horrifying second moment occurred that left Martin distracted for the next 27 hours. These hours should have been filled with attention to finishing a cardboard boat for the afternoon’s race he was entered in. No the distraction was not a sting from the harmless jellies, but the loss of his wedding band to Neptune’s dark depths. Not the light from the luminescent jellies nor the light from several waterproof cell phone could expose the ring’s hiding place.

What to do next? What else but Google search for “How in H*** do I find my ring in the ocean?” lead Martin to the web site of TheRingFinders.com. An e-mail sent at 10:30pm was answered an hour later requesting a bit more information and a promise to call around 10am. At 11am I was in the water waving my magic wand. On the seventh target my scoop was filled with black rocks and a glittering gold ring. YES, it was Martin’s. The search was over. Martin removed the ring from the bed of rocks in my scoop and replaced it where it belonged, on his finger, not swimming around with a bunch of jellies.

Pictures, smiles and stories followed along with many congratulations from fellow beach goers.

PS…Martin’s team won the Cardboard Boat Compitition, all team members had a chance to ride the waves. One heck of a great day for Martin. May continued success continue, forever, in all of your endeavors.