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Found Wedding Ring Lost After Wedding

  • from South Padre Island (Texas, United States)

Joe messaged me asking if I would be able to assist with finding a platinum wedding band lost in his backyard.  Turns out the day before he had hosted a wedding at his house and during the reception afterwards his ring had managed to slip off his finger.  His concern was not only finding the ring but if I was willing to travel the distance necessary to find it.  Of course I was.

Once on site Joe explained where he thought it most likely that he had lost his ring.  After digging around in an ice filled cooler for a drink he remembered shaking his hands to remove the moisture.  Wellll, his yard was full of underground utilities which, at first hampered my attempts, but once I knew where they were I was able to work around them.  After checking about 20 targets that all turned out to be below surface (not what we were looking for) I got a loud surface target.  Pulling my pinpointer out I zeroed in on the target and parting the grass showed that lovely circle sitting there just waiting to be found.

Another happy owner (and spouse).  Even held a great conversation during the whole hunt about searching for history.  On to the next one.

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  • from South Padre Island (Texas, United States)

I have moved to South Texas and now cover the Rio Grande Valley, located in Brownsville but willing to travel.  If you’ve lost it, I can find it.