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Locate Water Shutoff Valve for Anahiem, CA. Motel … Using Metal Detector

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Jordan is a manager of a motel near Disneyland in Anahiem, CA. They have city inspections that have to be met to keep their business license updated. There is a fire hydrant shut off valve that has been covered by the while doing repairs in the parking lot. He asked for help to find this valve, so they didn’t have to tear up the new  asphalt. 

I was able to bring my equipment and mark the location of the valve. I do have several types of detectors that can be used on either ferrous or non ferrous metals. This was a simple type search that saved the management from a lot of extra work and expense.

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  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)



.  I got a text from a person that I had helped find a personal piece of jewelry. It was an invitation to meet at an office address in Huntington Beach, CA. to pick up a gift. I showed up and realized it was the office of California’s state senator, Janet Nguyen representing the 36th senate  district of California. 

I was presented with a certificate of recognition for helping people. What a great honor and such a surprise. It just goes to show me, I never know what is going to happen next. Just wanted to share this with people that follow my blog.

The 36th senate district of California is:  

Cities of Orange County .. Seal Beach, Buena Park, Cypress, Los Alamitos, Stanton, Westminister, Rossmoor, La Palma, Garden Grove, Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Dana Point, Fountain Valley, San Clemente, and areas of Los Angeles County including .. Artesia, Cerritos, Hawaiian Gardens. Representing over 1,000.000 people.

Wedding Ring Lost in the Sand hours after Marriage .. Newport Beach, CA.

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*** Hours after his marriage, Noah lost his gold wedding ring in the sand at Newport Beach, CA. He was able to contact me the next morning asking if I could help him. I was able to meet him on the beach soon after the call. 

He was frustrated and embarrassed after spending hours on his honeymoon night crawling around in the sand trying to locate the ring. I tried to comfort him by telling him it’s common for people to lose new rings that haven’t been sized. 

Nevertheless our possibilities were good to be able to find the ring because he called me promptly and was there to get me in the general area. Fifteen minutes later we had his special gold wedding ring recovered from the sand. Noah was now a happy newlywed and will remember this for a while.

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Lost Ring in Volleyball Court ..Recovered at Newport Dunes Resort .. Newport Beach, CA.

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*** Linda was playing volleyball with her friends when her special silver ring flew off her finger disappearing into the sand. I was passing by on a nearby sidewalk when I saw all the players frantically running their fingers through the sand. 

Walking over to the group, I asked if the had lost a ring. When they answered, yes, I told them I could find the ring if they needed help. This volleyball court was about 100 yards from my home. So I could be back in a few minutes with a metal detector. 

About 10 minutes later I showed up ready for the search. It took longer to turn on my detector, making a few adjustments for the ground conditions,than it took to get the perfect signal of the silver ring. BOOM! Linda’s ring found.. It’s always exciting to see the reactions of all the on lookers when the recovery is successful. Especially those that have spent hours searching by sifting the sand by hand.

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Gold Ring Lost in Backyard Landscaping Found .. Irvine, CA.

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*** Mike was trimming heavy shrubbery in the backyard of his Irvine residence. It was almost like a jungle under large trees. After a couple hours his custom gold ring was missing from his finger. He was sure he was wearing it when he started his day. 

He told me this ring was very special to him as it was custom made by a friend. Actually he had had it for years and only recently started wearing it. Now it was probably lost in a place where it looked impossible to find it. He was very upset with himself. Mike found me online and call to ask for information about how my service works. We talked about the circumstance of his loss diring our phone call. I explained how I  can come scan the area with my metal detector. It’s always difficult to know what obstacles that may be present without seeing the location, so I try to avoid giving false hope to someone that is overconfident that a metal detector is going to perform a miracle. 

I do know that a metal detector in the hands of an experienced detectorist is the best tool to find small objects such as rings. Not all metal detectors are capable of finding small objects. There are many variables .. environment,  type of metal, settings on detectors, public or private locations, searching experience, timing ! ! , etc. Many times that I finish searching a possible location of a loss, I can say the item is not there. We call that a closure search.  That will help the person a chance to continue their search in other areas the loss may have happened. Searching for a lost object is a “ process of elimination “.

Mike kept insisting he believed the ring was in a pile of branches that he pruned from the thick brush. I asked him to give me a few minutes to eliminate the upper level that was mostly leaves on the ground. Boom! a couple swings of my metal detector coil revealed Mikes most cherished gold ring.  He was standing right next to me when I reached down to pull the ring out of the leaves. It was my pleasure to meet Mike and help him find his ring.

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Favorite Necklace Lost in Sand while Vacationing at Newport Beach .. Found with Metal Detector

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*** Viviana was with her family at Newport Beach at vacation rental on the beach front. The second day of their stay, she got up early put on her favorite necklace and went straight out over the sand to look at the waves. It was probably somewhere close to a 40 yard run across the sand. After a few minutes of watching the waves and sunrise, she went back to the house to eat breakfast.

Inside the house she realized her favorite necklace and pendant was not on he neck. A search of the house was un successful. The necklace had to be in the sand. Her grandfather, Steve decided to get a metal detector to help her find her cherished piece of jewelry. He happen to find my contact information while scrolling through the internet to get a metal detector.

When I arrived, it was less than a couple hours since the loss occurred. Viviana showed me the straight path she ran out to look at the waves. Her foot prints were still visible. It didn’t take long to grid search that area and the necklace was not found. I gave her the bad news as she saw me walking back to were I started the grid. I gave her ideas how to check the inside of the house as I approached the patio gate. Then, next to the step into the sand, I got a signal. BOOM! It was Viviana’s Necklace. I believe she was standing there when I started the grid search as she described her path to view the waves.. 

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Custom White Gold Wedding Ring Lost in Sand While Viewing Pacific AirShow

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*** Virginia and Her family had gone to the beach to watch the Pacific Air Show. Her husband took his ring off putting it in his pocket. Later that day after returning to their RV camping spot. He discovered his White Gold Wedding ring was not in his pocket. 

He was sure that the ring could have come out of his pocket when he pulled his cellphone from the same pocket. They went back to the same beach for two days but had no success finding the ring. After 5 days and just before they were to return to  Arizona, Virginia called me. She was able to give me verbal directions as to where they had been when the ring may have fallen out of her husband’s pocket. 

I did a hour and a half grid search that evening in the dark to eliminate a large area. That evening I was able to talk to her husband to get his ideas of the area they had been. I sent him a google earth screen shot to show him where I had searched. The next morning with good sunlight which helps to keep a better grid pattern. His directions were a bit clearer. I did find his ring which was only 20 ft. just outside where I had stopped searching the night before. 

A very nice ring and very sentimental to the couple from  Arizona. They were able to return home having a great vacation with a happy ending.

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Heirloom Diamond Wedding Ring Lost at Newport Beach While playing with Grandkids.. Found by Metal Detector Man

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*** Colleen was visiting Newport Beach from Arizona. She and her daughter spent the day near the pier where they enjoyed playing with the grandkids in the sand. After a few hours on the beach, Colleen discovered that her heirloom white gold with diamonds was no longer on her finger.

She had no idea when or where the ring slipped off her finger. She had been all over the beach in the 3 hours they had been on the beach. Her daughter had heard about the Ringfinders, so I was contacted while they were still at the location.. 

There was quite a few people on the beach, so I had to work around their beach blankets. I knew if the ring wasn’t found, I could stay till the beach was clear of beach goers. Coming back in the morning was not an option as the beach crew will run the sifting machines early in the morning.

The ring was recovered after an hour of grid searching the area. It actually was more the 200 ft. from their beach chairs. It was in shallow water as the tide was coming in.. Colleen was very happy and grateful to have her most sentimental heirloom diamond wedding ring back where it belongs.

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Lost in Beach Sand .. Cartier Love Bracelet at Newport Beach .. Recovered by RingFinder

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*** Laura was on her vacation with her family visiting Newport Beach. She called me the day after closing her white gold Cartier Love Bracelet. Her call came about noon which concerned me as this beach gets a daily sifting by the beach cleaning crew. Objects as large as a bangle type bracelet can be picked up by the sifting machine or moved a distances from the loss zone.

Like many people, Laura had no idea of how a metal detector works, so I took a few minutes to demonstrate. We discussed where she had been the day she realized her precious bracelet went missing. I told her I would be removing all metal signals as I did the grid search and this is a tedious process that may take a couple hours. It is not something that she has to stand by to help. She could go about her day on the beach and I would let her know when and if I found the bracelet.

About an hour into the rather large search area, I got the perfect signal. I was almost positive that this was the treasure I had been searching for. One scoop with my sand scoop prove this was Laura’s White Gold Cartier Love Bracelet. I walked over to where she had set up her beach chair at the waters edge to present her with the bracelet. Always a very emotional moment and definitely hard to express the reaction we get when we can return an item that they believed was lost forever.. 

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Gold Pendant Worn for 27 Years Lost at Pacific AirShow Huntington Beach, CA. Found in Sand

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*** Nick lost his gold pendant that he had worn every day for 27 years. He had been attending the Pacific AirShow at Huntington City Beach,CA. Part of the beach has cabanas set up for VIP viewing.The loss occurred somewhere within three areas in or near the VIP seating. 

Nick called me an hour before the airshow was to end. Masses of people leaving the area could hamper my chances of getting to the location to do a search. I jumped in my car right away and was able to get there before the rush to exit. 

Security wouldn’t let us into the cabana area until it was clear of guests. I asked Nick where he had changed his shirt. He pointed to an outer sandy spot just outside the entrance to VIP seating. I had time to do a quick scan of that location, just part of the process of elimination. He had no idea where the chain had come off his neck.. 

Within a short half a dozen swings of my detector “BOOM” short solid signal in my earphones turned out to be Nick’s very sentimental gold pendant that he had worn for 27 years. I could see the look on his face, he had figured it was lost forever and now there was a miracle. His pendant was back. Every recovery is an adventure. The bonus is meeting people like Nick. It was my pleasure to be available to help him.

‘I’m an experienced metal detectorist using the state of the art equipment. Most important!  I am available to meet you promptly to insure our chances to find your missing keepsake. Feel free to call or text for information on how this service works.. “I WILL TRY ANYWHERE “  Stan the Metal Detector Man  .. 949-500-2136