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New IPhone 15 Lost in Sand at Huntington City Beach .. Found after Hours of Detecting

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)


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  Alex lost his new iPhone 15 in the dry sand at Huntington City Beach, CA. It was late at night when the phone went missing . He was at the location first thing the location the first thing the next morning. His phone was showing up on the find my phone app and it still had 20% battery life.

He called me for help after he and his friend spent a couple hours walking the area and his phone was not visible. I have a lot of faith in the find me app, so I said I’d be there in a half hour.

This search got crazy. Two hours into the search, Alex told me he had to leave. I got obsessed with this search because it was still showing up on his father’s computer and it still had 10% battery. It was a matter that I had to find out how far off the coordinates were. Two more hours I finally found his phone. It was actually maybe 40 ft from where we started,in an area he said he never went that far up the beach.

The phone had been run over by a tractor or a lifeguard patrol vehicle. The case was bent and it still was powered up. I learned a lot and Alex said he believed his insurance would pay to replace the phone.

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