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Lost Gold Diamond Ring at Seal Beach, CA. Found by Member of TheRingfinders

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

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… A few days ago I got a call from Matthew. He was at Seal Beach, Calif.  He had lost his Gold and Diamond ring in the dry sand. My first question was to verify that could wait at the general location for half hour. I didn’t waste time discussing other details. It was more important to get on the road.

I was able to drive to Seal Beach, meeting Matthew and Lilly on the beach. This was very important to make this a quick recovery.

Shortly after turning on my metal detector, I got the nice sound of gold in my metal detector headphones. Digging in the dry sand with my Xtreme Titaium scoop revealed Matthew’s awesome white gold ring.

I know this beach well and I’m sure the beach cleaning machine would have scooped this ring up the next morning with all the other trash. The towel line always gets sifted in this part of the beach.

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