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Gold Ring Found and Returned from Sand in Santa Monica, CA. Beach workout Area

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

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… Victoria lost a very sentimental gold ring in the sand at the original muscle beach workout area, which is located just south of the Santa Monica Pier.

Her friend had been holding the gold ring while Victoria was working out on the bars. After handing the ring back to Victoria, she slipped the ring onto one of her smaller fingers.

A half hour later as the two of them went to get on their bikes. She realized her most important ring was missing. It a gold ring that was her father’s. He  had given Victoria before he passed several years ago.

Even though it was lost the day before in a heavily detected area of the beach, I told her I would give it a try. The least I could do is thoroughly search the area to tell her it is not there.

I was able to eliminate all the areas under the bars, rings, swings and rope climb. I saved the 60-75ft path from the swings to the bicycle parking space. Boom ! .. The very special sentimental gold ring that was the only physical item that Victoria had to remember her father.

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