Platinum Diamond Wedding Ring Set Lost in Newport Beach, CA. Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)




If you have lost something that is important to you. Call or text me at 949-500-2136 … I can answer any questions you may have about my recovery service. Available to help you 24/7 .. Stan the Metal Detector Man ..

.. Susanne is from San Francisco, CA. visiting Newport Beach for a week. The first day of her vacation she lost her wedding ring set in the sand. Both Platinum diamond rings were somewhere in an area the size of a two basket ball courts. After several hours on the beach she discovered that her platinum diamond wedding ring set were no longer on her finger.

She found my contact information online. She called me in a panic and I was able to calm her down by saying I was on my way to meet her. I gave her a little confidence that the rings were not lost forever. With the new and improved metal detectors, we have a very good chance to locate her rings. Especially, because she had not been anywhere else, only on the beach.

Shortly after the conversation on the phone, I met Susanne at the location. There was not too many people on the beach, so it would be easy to do a professional grid search. Within 30 minutes I had two beautiful and irreplaceable diamond rings recovered from the dry sand. She was so relieved and happy to have them back where they belong. I never get tired of seeing the happiness that our service gives to people.

Many people don’t understand how a metal detector service works. Feel free to call so we can discuss the possibilities using a professional metal detectorist to help you find your important lost jewelry or any metal item. “I WILL TRY ANYWHERE “ ..  Mobile Metal Detecting available to help you now … 949-500-2136

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