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Lost Gold Wedding Ring in Backyard of Irvine, CA. Home .. Found by Ringfinder

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

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… Received a call early on a Sunday morning from Nick. He had rented a metal detector to find his gold wedding ring lost in his back yard. The home is just a few miles from me in the city of Irvine, CA.

I was free to leave my place and be at his home within a few minutes. He said he would be home all day.

When I arrived he showed me a cement patio with raised 2 foot wide planters around the edges of the whole deck area. A 6ft. block wall on one side and the other side was his house. He had swung at a bee when’s his gold wedding band went bouncing off the patio floor.

Actually there were very few areas that could hide a ring. Some places had low voltage garden lighting wires that was a bit troublesome but I worked through that problem. The ring showed up masked by some of the wires and in a small clump of dandelion plant. Nick and his daughter were watching me when I got the signal. They were surprised where the ring was found because they had searched that spot. It was a ha-pay ending for all.

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