Successful Search for Gold Chain Lost in the Sand at Huntington City Beach, CA.

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

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 I was at Huntington City Beach on a call out. While on that search for a cellphone on a massive area of the dry sand, Dave came off the beach to ask me if I had found a gold necklace. He had lost last night and had been searching for it since 6am.

He told me that he had wrapped his gold necklace in shirt laying it on the beach, while he took a dip in the surf. He picked up his shirt and realized the chain was missing after he returned home.

He was walking off the beach assuming that the chain was gone forever. I told him I could give the area quick search if he could walk me to the general area. The location was just a couple hundred feet from where I was, so I walked over to give it a quick scan. BOOM !! Dave’s gold necklace found.

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