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The Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service

We can search virtually any location, some of the most common places are parks, lakes, beaches and even your own front yard…If you lost your “Ring” or other precious item…We can find it!

We train regularly and use the best Metal Detecting Equipment available insuring the greatest possibility of finding your lost possessions.

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Lost Texas A&M College Ring Houston, Texas (Recovered)

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I was contacted by Chris a resident in Houston (North Houston) regarding his daughters lost Texas A&M College Ring (Aggies). Chris said he believes his grandson had picked up his daughters A&M ring and dropped it somewhere in his front yard. Chris said earlier in the day his grandson had grabbed the ring off of a counter in the house, and was seen playing with it, Chris said they took it away and placed in an area out of his reach. Well thats what they thought, they later discovered the ring was again missing. Chris said after throughly searching the house and not finding the ring, they knew the only other place it might be is in the front yard. Chris said his grandson had been in the front yard the day the ring went missing.


I made trip up to north Houston, and met with Chris who outlined the areas he believed the ring might have been lost. Chris’ house was a corner lot, and when I arrived, I was thinking this is going to be a long hot day.

I used a little marking paint on Chris’s lawn to establish a search grid pattern and was preparing for an extensive search of his front and side lawn. I opted to start the search near his front door and hit the first foot of grass and “Hello” Texas A&M.

Must be my fastest recovery to date, nice when it all comes togehter.

Running the CTX 3030 on this call.





Lost Wedding Ring Sugar Land, Texas (Recovered)

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

Service Call  06/29/2013

I recieved the following email from a Sugar Land resident regarding a lost ring.

Hi John, I just read the story about  Richard Browne in Mass. who finds rings for people and he mentioned

I checked and to my surprise, I found you in Sugar Land, which is where I am.

My eldest son was in our pool 2 weeks ago splashing the dogs and he says his wedding ring flew off (he’s been married for two years).  I have a very old metal detector, and I am a rank amateur, but we tried to find it with no luck.  If it did fly off, then it’s in my back yard, but we just can’t find it. My wife and I go out in the yard looking for it  almost every day but we’ve found nothing.

So I am reaching out to you, to see if you can help us. At the worst I’d like to be able to tell my son it’s not there.

thanks and regards,
Mark Locascio


I made the short trip to Marks this morning with the new CTX3030 in hand. Mark pointed out the areas where he felt the ring might have flown of his son’s hand. I was initial a little apprehensive when Mark brought out his nice looking White Coin Master Metal Detector and explained he had already tried finding the ring. He said he had put another gold ring in the yard and was able to find it with no trouble.

That was a little bit of a sinking feeling 😉

I worked the same areas as Mark had previously described with his detector, and was not able to find the ring. I took a few minutes to think about the event that led up to the loss of the ring. I decided to work some a couple of flower beds well outside of the area identifed.

I opted for the hand and knees approach with my pin pointer on a flower bed that was riddled with metal distractions. The ring jump right out on my second sweep of the pinpointer.

Mark and his wife said they had given up all hopes that the ring would ever be found.


Lost Platinum Wedding Band Richmond, Texas (Recovered)

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

June 2013

Lost Men’s Platinum Wedding Ring in Richmond, Texas.

The caller Mr. King reported he had lost his wedding ring in his backyard while battling a swarm of honey bees. Mr. King reported a swarm of honey bees had been trying to set-up their new home at his new home, and while trying to evict them things went bad. Apparently the bees were not planning on cooperating and became aggressive and assaulted Mr. King. In the battle for his turf, Mr King managed to lose his ring while in the midst of the fight. The suspects (bees) were later taken into custody by a pest control specialist without further incident. No other injuries were reported.

Mr. King reported his new homes backyard was not sodded and it was extremely muddy due to recent rains, he suggested wearing boots due to the yards current condition.

With a new Minelab CTX 3030 in hand, I wadded through Mr. King’s backyard and found his ring buried in about 1″ of mud. The new CTX 3030 is off to a good start.

CTX 3030Mr. King

Park Search

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

20130531_123218 20130531_123226May 2013

A few service calls,

1. Lost men’s Platinum wedding band in Houston, believed to have possibly been lost at a soccer field/baseball field. Searched the area for several hours confirming for the owner this was not the location of his lost ring.

2. Lost Gold Tennis Bracelet with 52 (1/4) diamonds, in College Station. The caller report the bracelet had been lost in either a horse stall or horse arena. The caller later reported while waiting for my available response, he rented a metal detector and tried finding the bracelet himself. He said they were having a lot of difficulty figuring out the metal detector and placed a gold ring in the horse stall for testing purposes. They lost the ring, and started a search on their hands and knees to find the ring, while searching for the ring, they accidentally found the bracelet. The also later found the ring in the stall as well.

3. Lost Men’s Citadel Class Ring in Galveston, the caller reported he had accidental dropped his ring over the edge of a pier while assisting a friend with his boat. The caller reported he believed the water was approximately 15 feet deep and felt pretty sure of its location. As, I was preparing gear for a water recovery, the caller contacted me and reported he had found his ring on the deck of the boat under some debris.

4. Training in a local park, keeping the dust off both the equipment and operator. (see pictures) a couple of nice sterling silver pieces, clad coin (modern day), and several pieces of trash.

Lost Gold Bracelet Houston, Texas (Recovered)

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05/02/2013 I was contacted by Jere H in Houston regarding his lost gold bracelet. Jere reported he lost his bracelet the other day while working in his yard. He said he felt his bracelet had slip off his wrist and was somewhere in his backyard.

I arrived at Jere’s residence and was shown the  backyard, it was a picture scene from out of Jurassic Park.  Jere’s back yard was this large lush tropical paradise, with ponds, water features, climbing scrubs and a lot of lush vegetation.

I was the WOW phase as Jere was pointing out some the areas he remembered he thought the bracelet might have fallen off. Jere had been working his backyard tending to the landscape when he noticed his bracelet was missing. Jere spent the first day trying to located the bracelet but was unsuccessful.

After Jere finished recommending some specific areas in the backyard, I started aggressively working through the landscape trying not to damage the foliage. I was knee deep in the brush after about 40 minutes of searching when I heard Jere calling out my name. I stepped out of the brush to see Jere holding a gold bracelet.

Jere said, while I was searching the back, he found his missing bracelet in a crack in the driveway in the front of his residence.

Jere said, he has had the bracelet for many and was happy he found it.

Nice work Jere.






Broken Diamond Ring

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

20130422_201406This weekend I was contacted and requested to find a wedding ring mount and stone.

The white gold mount and diamond from a wedding ring had apparently broke off the band.

I went to a local jeweler and secured a similar mount to determine if my Excalibur II was capable of detecting this small article.

Under the right condition the Minelab seemed to give a faint response. I was hopeful.

The callers residence was another issue, apparently high voltage buried cable and lots of building debris.

I spent couple of hours on my hands and knees with my pinpointer in the grassy areas where the mount and stone might have possibly fallen off.

My work revealed no results

Thanks Chris Turner for the insight on this project




Insurance Company Contact

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

20130412_111228 (2)A big thanks to The Ring Finders website:

I was recently contacted by a Houston based insurance company to assist in a claim investigation.

Their client was reporting the loss of an expensive ring in their back yard, either in their garden or one of several flower beds.

I spent several hours on location searching the areas in question.

No ring was recovered. (was really hoping for a recovery)

I felt comfortable reporting to the insurance company the ring was not at this location

Hoping a solid relationship had been established with the insurance company.

The insurance company found me at”


An Unexpected Find

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