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Metal Detecting Punta Cana Dominican Republic

One of our sponsor at “The Ring Finders” is Anderson Detector Shafts (www.andersondetectorshafts.com) a provider of great metal detecting equipment.

A few months back they sent me a “Test and Evaluation Unit” a travel shaft for the Minelab Excalibur II. I have just recently had the opportunity to use the shaft for one of its intended purposes (traveling). I made a trip over to the Dominican Republic this month for a little R and R and decided to pack up the Excalibur and the new Anderson travel shaft.

As you can see from the photo the Excalibur and the travel shaft packed up nicely into the bottom of a medium sized suit case, I used one of the more modern style suit cases with the hard exterior shell to ensure some protection for the equipment.



















The Excalibur and travel shaft made the trip there and back buried in the suit case with no problems. I spent a few hours playing around on the beach in Punta Cana which was surprising clean with very few targets.  I had a small following of locals who seemed truly fascinated by my ability to pull money out of the earth LOL. I would often with out really looking at what I found throw it to the onlookers. It must have always been something good, because big smiles often followed after they examined their treasure.







































Anderson has just recently sent me their newest Carbon Fiber Detector Shaft, which has three configuration options

Scuba Shaft, Over and Under, a Long Shaft.

With that said, the above pictured Minelab Excalibur Travel Shaft is looking a for a new home within “The Ring Finders”

Send me an email if you can put this detector shaft to work, and I will do a lottery drawing of those who respond and ship you a slightly used

Anderson Excalibur II Travel Shaft.


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