Lost Wedding Ring Crystal Beach, Texas (Recovered)

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

Lost Diamond Wedding Ring Crystal Beach, Texas (Recovered)

(Bolivar Peninsula-Galveston County)


Received a call today from Jessie regarding his wives lost wedding ring at Crystal Beach on the Bolivar Peninsula in Galveston County, Texas.

Jessie advised his family was vacationing on Crystal Beach, and his wife Courtney had lost her ring in the water on Crystal Beach.  Jessie said she was in about 4 foot of water when she lost the ring and they where pretty sure of its general location.


Plans were made to meet early in the morning today to escape the remaining 4th of July traffic in and around Galveston. The trip down early was the right plan but the trip back not so much, seemed like everyone was leaving the island at exactly the same time, cost me several hours.

Sargassum Seaweed has been plaguing the Texas coast for most of the month making metal detecting a little less desirable, and extremely difficult at times.

I meet Jessie and his family this morning and we did a walk through of how and where the ring was lost. The seaweed and tide conditions had all changed since the previous day making the location a little more difficult for Courtney.

After about 30 minutes of searching with no success Jessie and Courtney came back out into the water and placed themselves as accurately as possible in the drop location. I worked a circle grid around them and on about the second loop hit a faint signal.

I personally think both Jessie and Courtney were starting to loose a little faith in the idea their ring would ever be found. Perhaps being back out in the water and seeing what was involved changed their expectations.

I pulled up that faint target, washed the sand from the basket, and saw what most people would think could never be found.






























Bolivar 2






























Equipment Used:

Minelab Excalibur II

Anderson Detector Shaft

Beach Scoop


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John Volek



5 Replies to “Lost Wedding Ring Crystal Beach, Texas (Recovered)”

  1. Chris Turner says:

    Way to go John! Sounds like that could have easily been missed…The conditions sounded tough as people seem to lose the location the next day as changes do happen…Happy Hunting, Chris

  2. Sounds like a tough search but great results. Traffic jams are really ‘the pits’!

  3. Justin says:

    Great job John! Great idea with the circle grid. I lived in New Orleans for 5 years and made occasional detecting trips to Texas so I know what you’re talking about with the Sargassum weed. I agree that it can make a search very difficult. Keep the recoveries coming!

  4. Michael Forse says:

    Hi I lost a men’s wedding band made of tungston around 2008. My wife has past away and just wondering if you’ve found a men’s ring like that? Imy sure it’s long gone.

    1. John Volek says:


      I would need a few more details, feel free to give me a call.


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