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Grandmothers Ring slides into Cedar Creek Lake, Tx

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)

We got a call from a mom who was so upset, her daughter had been at a Labor Day Swim party at Cedar Creek Lake, and the group of teenagers decided to take a midnight swim.  While sitting on the swim platform of the ski boat tied off at the dock.  A boy reached up and grabbed her hand and pulled her into the water.  As Alina was going under she her grandmother’s ring slid off.  She screamed and all of her friends tried searching for the ring. The water was about 5 feet deep with ZERO Visibility.

She then had to call her mother in tears and tell her that Grandma’s ring was gone.

I fully believe that Mom was more upset than the daughter.  Mom calls us and we set a time to come out to the lake 4 days after the loss.  The drive was 2 hours, but the subdivision was beautiful and the water was like glass… BUT BUT BUT the dock was a single dock that pitchforked out into 4 more docks and the daughter was not completely sure which dock they had been swimming on since it was dark.

I began my search using my ATPro, and water scoop.  The bottoms were 18inches of mush, like wet mash potatoes.  I began clearing all the normal junk.  Soda & Beer cans, nails, and junk.  After 4 hours of going over and over and increasing my search grid area with every pass.  I was about to call it quits, the mom had come over and said she understood I had gone above and beyond in my search and understood if I need to call it.

I said I wanted to do one more pass, I had one signal that was funky and I just wanted to pull it out to be sure I would have no regrets in my search.  I made my last scoop and nearly could not lift the 30 pounds of muck, had to use my hand to squish the much through my fingers and suddenly I saw the glint of a ring.

I called the daughter and the mom over and had them explain one more time what happened and then I said… “I have a question for you ….. “Does it look like this?”  And screams and tears began to flow… mom and daughter hugged and cried tears of joy.

Another successful find for the Dallas Ring Finders.

Lost ring in the sand Carlsbad Metal detector San Diego

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)


TheRingFinders beach Metal detecting service in San Diego California helped find a lost silver wedding ring band 760 889 2751 OPEN NOW.

As easy as a wedding band can be lost in the beach sand,it can also easily be found by a Metal detector specialist. This call I received was from a lady asking if I could help them find her husbands ring buried at Carlsbad state beach. She mentioned that he threw the ring for her to catch before going swimming and it disappeared into the dry sand…Uh Oh.!

Fortunately,I am available to leave at the drop of a hat to go help them or others in need.Not so many guys with detectors can say that having limited free time or living far from these local San Diego county beaches.

So I arrived to the scene of the lost ring in just under 20min of the call to meet the nice family here on vacation.Before turning on my Advanced P.I Metal Detector,,I asked and answered a few questions to better help this search out. They had actually spent some time sifting through the sand with help of the nearby fellow beach goers…Funny thing I actually knew that right away because the beach sand always looks like Chinese grass/mounds afterwards Which is a slight concern to some noting the lost ring could be buried even deeper now.

“Onwards” however,This was not a problem for me either as I was able to unearth his precious wedding ring in merely just a minute of searching.Then to my surprise,,The entire beach around us electrified immediately with thundering clapping,Cheers and joyously big smiles every where I could glance at!

This is why I love this hobby as an agent of TheRingFinders,,It was the closest thing I could ever feel to being a super hero or maybe even having some kind of super powers ?? Ha;) But Especially during this COVID-19 Pandemic.. doing anything you can to help out others in need is a very rewarding object,,,That generates good Karma!