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Lost ring in the sand Carlsbad Metal detector San Diego

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)


TheRingFinders beach Metal detecting service in San Diego California helped find a lost silver wedding ring band 760 889 2751 OPEN NOW.

As easy as a wedding band can be lost in the beach sand,it can also easily be found by a Metal detector specialist. This call I received was from a lady asking if I could help them find her husbands ring buried at Carlsbad state beach. She mentioned that he threw the ring for her to catch before going swimming and it disappeared into the dry sand…Uh Oh.!

Fortunately,I am available to leave at the drop of a hat to go help them or others in need.Not so many guys with detectors can say that having limited free time or living far from these local San Diego county beaches.

So I arrived to the scene of the lost ring in just under 20min of the call to meet the nice family here on vacation.Before turning on my Advanced P.I Metal Detector,,I asked and answered a few questions to better help this search out. They had actually spent some time sifting through the sand with help of the nearby fellow beach goers…Funny thing I actually knew that right away because the beach sand always looks like Chinese grass/mounds afterwards Which is a slight concern to some noting the lost ring could be buried even deeper now.

“Onwards” however,This was not a problem for me either as I was able to unearth his precious wedding ring in merely just a minute of searching.Then to my surprise,,The entire beach around us electrified immediately with thundering clapping,Cheers and joyously big smiles every where I could glance at!

This is why I love this hobby as an agent of TheRingFinders,,It was the closest thing I could ever feel to being a super hero or maybe even having some kind of super powers ?? Ha;) But Especially during this COVID-19 Pandemic.. doing anything you can to help out others in need is a very rewarding object,,,That generates good Karma!


Mission Beach Metal Detector found lost ring

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)



The Ring Finders Metal Detector Service found and returned a lost wedding ring in Mission beach. OPEN NOW CALL 760 889 2751

Saturday July 7th I received a call from John Hughes a fellow member of Theringfinders asking if I could take a call to Mission beach and help a guy find his lost ring,Again! John already had found and returned David’s ring a year prior at another beach but wasn’t able to go due to a painful back operation.

I called David and after a few questions of how it was lost I was on my way to help.
I showed up just before the sunset & met David who had placed his Gold ring in a bag for safekeeping while he went into the ocean for a swim.He showed me a 200’ area in the dry sand of where it may of dropped into. I proceeded with a grid search pattern for about 10 min and after digging just a couple penny’s I was able to recover this precious ring!
it was back on David’s hand,hopefully for the final time! Thank you for the generous reward.

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La Jolla Metal Detector found Lost ring

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TheRingFinders Metal Detector Service helped find a Lost wedding Band at Windansea beach in La Jolla. OPEN NOW
CALL ; Curtis Cox at 760 889 2751


On 4th of July,2018 I noticed an email about a lost wedding ring at Windansea beach below the La Jolla cliff during the arising tide. I emailed the wife back that I’m willing to help search for it but will have to wait until low tide early the following morning.
I sent her my cell number so we could communicate quicker plus was able to set up a time to meet Chris who is the husband/Owner of the buried wedding band in the wet sand.

At 6:30am I showed up to the Scene of the Lost Ring nearly 30 min early cause I expected lots of traffic but must mention that the other enthusiasts Detector Guys are at many beaches searching for what they claim as “Treasures” this time of year on 4th of July.

Fortunately when I met Chris there was no sign of beach combers and the spot he showed me where the ring dropped out of a pocket was Virgin grounds with zero drag marks or holes.

Chris did also have an accurate/descriptive area where the ring could be buried so I started in a standard grid pattern search dragging my sand scoop up & down the zone when I heard a deep target nearly 7-10” down then WARNED him this could be just a bottle cap or such trash?? Though,,also could be your ring?? After I got it out of the 3rd scoop on to the towel line I heard a hole in the center of it indicating a ring on my machine while knowingly,,I shook the scoop out uncovering Chris’s Lost wedding ring as he watched! ((Boom)). Chris was electrifyied and I was extatic. I am still amazed after 5 years of returning such precious metals that this gets me excited as much as anyone else,Like as if it’s my first ring return .😇 Much to yearn for there is!

I have many types of special metal detectors for each scenario with over a decade in use but these searches do rely vastly on the timing of the Calls/Tides/Surf conditions/Beach sifting machines/Local beach combers..etc.

However good karma and Knowledge is of my TOP  best equipments for recovering your lost sentimental Item.There is a great chance I can reunite you with your Wedding Ring. Timing is of the essence.

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