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Mission beach Metal Detector Helps find lost rings

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The Ring Finders Metal Detector Service helped find a Lost wedding ring set in the sand at Mission beach. OPEN NOW! Call Curtis Cox 760 889 2751

Today,I received a call from Rosalyn who lost her wedding rings in the sand 2 days prior while vacationing from Georgia at Mission beach San Diego.After some questions & concerns we both had,I explained to her that there is a chance I could help though I do not have a charge for my service.Often times I do get rewards which is entirely up to you and what you can afford but timing is Keene.

We set up a time later with the place to meet that day.As soon as I met Rosalyn at this very secluded beach in mission bay,I felt it was going to be successful search because it’s rare for Local Metal Detector treasure seekers at a spot like this,Cause was they usually comb the main beaches for lost valuables but also the sand was fortunately fluffy which can preserve rings or lost metals for a short while.

Upon arriving to the scene of the lost rings,Rosalyn showed me a rough 10X15’ area she was sitting in a beach chair near fire pits where these precious metals were last seen.

So I began my search,digging bottle caps left/right,Nearly every step or sweep was a target,Melted aluminum pieces,Pennies,Soda can pull tabs,Corona caps and then a quarter I realized..No hobbyists Detector has been here recently.I safely told her that this is a good sign!.. Yet I had already searched the main area she described so I continued my protocol grid search pattern swinging a little out of the box closer to the fire pit digging a lot of trash is when I looked into the scoop for the 20-30th time and saw a Gold circle & Stunned,,I asked what kind of ring was lost ??? She said Yellow gold! That’s when I showed the first ring while electrifying smiles light up all around :):) There where also some young campers hanging out for party time that night just feet away who saw me dig up the first ring in a shell shock look Saying “Wow” ”Cool.”
I then swung my Metal Detector over the same hole getting a similar signal on my machine so I reached down with out a handheld Pinpointer & magically had the Main diamond ring in the hand with just 1 hand or palm scoop out of the sand requiring experience.

Rosalyn was very elated and appreciative that  these rings were back on the finger, Especially the day before she was headed back home After nearly 3 days of them being gone.Good karma has prevailed again in this search and I’m glad to of soaked in quite a bit of it.

What you may think is gone for ever could be easily reunited with you again. Don’t hesitate to call any member of TheRingFinders.Com

We are here to help.

Car Keys Found .. Mission Beach .. SanDiego, CA. .. Returned to Owner

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Thursday .. Aug. 6, 2015

Five members of TheRingFinders met up at Mission Beach in San Diego, CA. about the time the daily tourists were leaving the beach. Mark Ruby, Tony Eisenhower, with their wives, John Hughes, Curtis Cox and myself had dinner at a local restaurant. After eating we grabbed our detectors to enjoy a couple hours of detecting for pleasure.
We all took off in different directions planning to get meet up later. I tried a little water detecting, without much showing I moved to the dry dry sand. It was dark when I got a crazy signal from my CTX 3030 detector. I wasn’t hunting using a light, making it hard to see the set of keys on a lanyard. I usually turn keys into the lifeguards for their lost and found. The lifeguards were of duty,  so I put them in my pocket. A half hour later a police patrol car pulled up to me. They asked if I had found a set of car keys on a lanyard. Of course I gave them the keys, also taking advantage of the opportunity to tell them about .
A little later a young lady with her friend walked up to me. She was the owner of the keys and wanted to thank me for finding her car keys. It had been a horrible two hours sense losing the keys. She didn’t have any spare keys. She was sincerely grateful. This was another opportunity to tell her and her friend about website. It was a great get together with fellow members of TheRingFinders. As always it is awesome to be able to return something that was lost to its owner.