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Ring Lost in Surf … La Jolla Shores, CA. .. Found with Metal Detector

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

La Jolla Shores, CA. … Thursday 4/16/15 .. 12pm

Ring Lost in Surf … La Jolla Shores, CA. … Found with Metal Detector

Today we have a nice low tide about 2pm. This is a good time to detect on the beach in the wet sand without bothering sunbathers on the dry sand. I arrived at La Jolla Shores beach about noon. After about a half hour messing around the fire pits a man walked up to me asking me if I could help him find his ring. I told him I was a member of TheRingFinders and gave him my card with our website information. His name was FX which is short for a longer name. He is visiting from Seattle, WA. Earlier in he morning at hi tide he had been surfing when his gold wedding ring of 15 years slipped of his finger. He felt it slip off when he was in about knee deep water but it disappeared right away. FX walked me over to the location which he had remembered was directly in front of the lifeguard tower.
I told him that I had to work the area slow and thorough as this is a game of inches. If I miss it by an inch, it could take hours to find it. He just stood by with his smart phone reading TheRingFinders website. I made a long pass to the waterline then returned toward the beach. Just before turning around for my third pass I heard a good tone that I knew was gold. There under 2 inches of wet sand was FX’s gold wedding band. Another good memory for a vacation holiday. Also a great smile for me to remember. After a many years of finding rings for people I go by beaches remembering the people and their rings that I have found and returned. Making good memories for everybody is part of what we do.