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Lost Wedding Ring Found in Grass after Being Destroyed by Lawnmower.. Brea,CA.

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Shaun went for an early morning workout on some bars at the neighborhood totlot in Brea, CA. Before starting his exercise on the bars he took his shirt and wedding ring off. He wrapped his ring in his shirt, setting his shirt on the wood chips.  

When he finished his workout he picked up his shirt putting it on. He walked about back to his house less 10 minutes away. That was when he realized his ring was not on his finger. He knew that it had to be in the immediate area of where he picked up his shirt. Possibly it flew a few feet away when as he shook it off?

Shawn’s wife Mitzi had found me online and had called me within the first couple hours after the loss. I met the both of them at the park before noon. Walking to the location I could see the maintenance crew working the area but the were just mowing the lawn. The workout area does not get used often so we still had a chance that nobody had found it before we began our search.

This was the perfect search conditions. I set up my detector beginning to do a grid pattern. After thoroughly covering the possible hiding places in the wood chips and walking the asphalt play ground where the ring could have rolled quite a distance, the ring didn’t show up.

We walked back to the my car to get another detector. Walking across the grass we eyeballed what looked like the ring. It was Shaun’s ring that had been hit by the lawnmower. It was what you could call a bittersweet moment. We had the satisfaction of finding the ring but it was sad that the lawnmower had destroyed the stainless steel wedding band. I guess it better that not finding the ring. That ring could have been thrown into the grass cutting catch basket and we would have never known what happened to Shawn’s ring.

The ring was more than 40 ft. away from where Shawn had put picked up his shirt after working out. We think that the ring had stayed in his shirt till he tucked it into his pants as he walked home?



Surfer Loses Ring Secured in His Surfboard Bag .. Huntington Beach , CA. .. Found by Member of TheRingFinders

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If you lose your valuable in a place where a metal detector can be used, I am available to help, call now. .. 949-500-2136.

***  Will was surfing with his friends at Huntington Beach, California. He had placed his gold wedding ring in a pocket of his surfboard bag. While he was out in the surf, his friends moved his bag further back away from the incoming tide.

When Will returned he discovered his ring was missing from the bag. The dry sand made all but impossible to find the ring by dragging their fingers through the sand. Also the ring could have fallen out anywhere in approximately a 20×30 yard area.

Will contacted me and gave me an address that turned out to be incorrect. After a five mile detour we were able to meet at the right location. Then walking a few blocks down the beach, Will showed me where they had spent more than two hours looking for the ring. He also pointed across to the second location where the ring could be.

Luckily we started in the best place. I decided to start in the center and circle grid search to the outside. Good decision, because the first target was Will’s special gold wedding band in my sand scoop. Another happy guy who was grateful to have his ring back where it belongs. It did help that he was able to find me and he was able to get me in the general area before too much time had passed. It was a pleasure to help Will.


“I WILL TRY ANYWHERE “  ..  Stan the Metal Detector Man

How to Find a Ring Lost While Throwing a Frisbee .. Dana Point, CA.

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Metal detecting service available to help you find your lost ring or other precious metallic jewelry.. 949-500-2136

*** Greg had lost his gold wedding ring a Doheny State Beach in Dana Point, CA., while throwing a frisbee on the beach. He called asking for help and we discussed what happened and what area of the beach the loss occurred. 

It was a weekend day with many people on the dry sand. We were lucky that he was on the backside of the beach where we wouldn’t be hampered with people laying in the zone. He also had put a marker on the sand where he felt the ring come off his finger. I love this type of call our odds of finding the ring are really good.

Parking was not a problem this time, sometimes it takes longer to find parking than to drive to the beach. We met on the beach shortly after his call. It could have been a quick recovery if I started at the right side of the search area. The ring did show up at the edge of their other side location Greg laid out for me.. Metal Detector is the right tool to find a ring if it’s not a used by an experienced metal detector expert. It does help if the person who lost the ring knows that the ring actually came off in the general location.

It was another great moment to see how happy and grateful Greg was when we found the ring. I say we, because Greg was a big part of this being a successful recovery. He marked the location, he called TheRingFinders directory, and was able to stay to help give me get near the spot. 

“I WILL TRY ANYWHERE “  call or text now.. 949-500-2136

Gold Ring Lost at Will Rodgers Polo Grounds .. Pacific Palisades, CA. .. Found After Two Months

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Sabastian called me asking what would be the possibility of me searching for a gold claddagh ring that was lost a month ago. 

He and his friends play polo every Sunday at the Will Rodgers State Park Polo Grounds. His lady friend was tending the horses at a dirt parking lot near where they park the horse trailers. She had removed her Gold  Claddagh Ring ( gifted to her by her mother many years ago ) and clipped it to her key chain. Sometime during the day the ring came off the clip.

Every Sunday they looked through the 50ft. x 100ft. area hoping to see a glimpse of the gold in a thin layer of silty sand. 

Sabastian and I took about 3 weeks to set up a meeting date. He had to get permission from the State Parks supervisor. It’s illegal to dig in a historical site and the have a resident archeologist on site. After meeting with the supervisor and explaining how I was just scratching the surface for a specific gold tone and ID number. 

They gave permission for me to search that dirt parking lot. Then they sent a park ranger in a vehicle to watch over us. It sure made me feel privileged to get permission.

Sabastian marked of the search area and I asked him which side would be best to start. I was ready for a couple hours of grid searching. My first couple low tone targets were pull tabs. Then I got another nice tone and bent over with a screwdriver like probe to scrape the surface. Boom! The small gold ring just popped of the loose sand shining in the sunlight. It really surprised me and Sabastian got very emotional as he was standing right there when it showed up from its hiding place. I was happy that we started at the best possible side of the location or else it would have been a long hot search.

The Park Ranger and Sabastian told me they had really no hope of us finding the ring after all the time that had passed. It’s times like this that remind me why I say, “ I Will Try Anywhere “ 

We had a great visit on the polo field and Sabastian invited me to come see a polo match whenever I wanted to. I love doing this ring finding, especially meeting people like Sabastian. He truly wanted to help his friend find her special ring.


If you lose something in the dry sand, mark the area and get landmarks that will help you return to the general area. Call a metal detector expert from TheRingFinders ASAP. Some beaches get daily sand cleaning machines that may end up claiming your valuable before we have a chance to find it with a metal detector. We want to optimize our chances of finding your sentimental keepsake. Timing is important. I will search anywhere in Los Angeles Counry and Orange County.

I Will Try Anywhere “


Cellphone Lost in Sand at a Local Newport Beach .. Recovered with Metal Detector

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Janeen called me about 8:30pm, frantic about loosing her iPhone in the sand at Corona DelMar State Beach in the City of Newport Beach,CA.

The beach is only a couple miles from my home and it closes at 10pm. When I arrived Janeen’s there were more than 10 family members that had been searching the area. The “Find My Phone App” showed it still in the area, so it had not been picked up by a stranger.

I started a grid search and found the phone more than 30 feet away from the GPS location that the app gave us. 

It was a cool evening and everybody was cold and tired after a full day at the beach. Now they could get ready to make the one hour drive back home. Janeen is a cellphone/ computer nerd and was totally appreciated that we found the phone with all her personal photos and other information. I love doing this and I was back home by 9:30pm. 

If you lose something in the dry sand, mark the area and get landmarks that will help you return to the general area. Call a metal detector expert from TheRingFinders ASAP. Some beaches get daily sand cleaning machines that may end up claiming your valuable before we have a chance to find it with a metal detector. We want to optimize our chances of finding your sentimental keepsake. Timing is important. Phone calls and texts are the best ways to contact me. Emails are sometimes slower to catch.



Lost Rose Gold Wedding Ring .. San Clemente, CA. .. Found and Returned

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Alan and his wife, Cynthia are from Utah. They call this, their maternity vacation to celebrate the coming of their first child which is due in two months.
Alan had taken off his rose gold wedding band while putting on sunscreen, setting it on his towel. Forgetting the ring was on the towel, he pick up the towel as they were leaving the beach. Within a few minutes he realized that the ring had fallen into the sand.
Even though he knew the location, he could not find the ring. Alan did a Google search which pulled up, he was able to stay at the location till I got there an hour later. Timing was important and made this a quick successful search.
Alan was amazed at how well the metal detector found his ring in the location he searched for hours.