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Lost Wedding Ring .. Newport Beach, CA. .. Found in Sand

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Thursday  6-25-15

Paul works as a instructor for Hurley Surf Camp. His office is on the sand in Newport Beach, CA. Every week day they set up a large beach awnings in the dry sand, mostly in the same general location.
Wednesday after returning home Paul could not find his wedding band in his backpack. He keeps it in the back pack for safekeeping while teaching clients to surf. He was not sure but he thought it could have fallen out during the day when he got things from his backpack.
I was able to get to his location within 30 minutes. Paul was in the water but another instructor was able to show me the general area. After covering most of the location, I received a signal that was broken. TheTDI reading on my detector was close to a penny reading. I dug the signal figuring it may be two separate pieces of metal. No, just Paul’s nice 14k gold wedding band. It’s always good to remember the 14k gold is 60% pure and 40% alloy making the TDI readings different depending on the alloy and the size of the ring.
Paul was surprised and grateful. As I left the beach, I heard him telling other people on the beach about TheRingFinders.