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Lost Work Truck Keys San Clemente Beach, CA. Recovered by calling a metal detector expert

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*** Jessie had been at San Clemente, CA. with his family. They were sending the afternoon on the beach. After returning home he discovered that his work truck keys were no longer in his pocket. Panic set in, this could mean missing the next day at work and a lot of trouble getting replacement keys. 

Jessie contacted me asking for help. He wasn’t sure if the keys had been lost in the sand at the beach. He did remember playing with his daughter on the sloping dry sand. That was enough of a clue to warrant a search with a metal detector. At least I could tell him if the keys were not there, if I scanned the known spot where they had been.

I met Jessie after we set up a time and location. I gave him a short explanation of how the metal detector works assuring him if the keys were there, I should be able to find them. Sometimes the recovery could be quick but this search was getting discouraging as I was running out of space to search. Then. Boom!! a great signal that prove to be the elusive keys. Jessie was so happy and relieved that he didn’t have to lose a days work. Plus going through whatever process it was going to take replacing the keys. It was my pleasure to be available and help him.