Lost Ring Pensacola Beach - FOUND!

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

This was a neat story.  A nice lady on the beach at the Portofino Condos in Pensacola Beach stopped me and said that she wished I had been there a couple of days earlier.  I asked her why and she proceeded to explain that BOTH of her sons had lost their wedding bands in the gulf within minutes of each other just a couple of days before.  I asked her if anyone had looked for them and she said no one had with a metal detector.  I explained about Ringfinders and told her what I did and told her that even though I really wished she had called me a few days earlier, there was still a chance I could find them.  Well, long story short I was able to find her son Jacob’s but not his brother Zach’s.  I spent hours looking for Zach’s and even came back two more days to look but unfortunately I was only able to find Jacob’s.  I had to mail it back to Memphis, TN but as you can see by the picture, Jacob was thrilled when he realized it was really his ring in the mail.  Zach had some closure and appreciated me looking and has promised to call immediately if he ever loses something valuable again.  Congrats Jacob on getting your ring back!

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  1. Jacob Kirk says:

    Before I was even able to make it home from the beach, On the drive home, Dave had emailed me to let me know he found my ring! I couldn’t believe he was able to find it. Incredible! It’s not the most expensive ring, but it has a lot of sentimental value to me and am so grateful he was able to find it and actually took the time to send it to me.

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