Gold Wedding Band Lost, Recovered and Returned in Philadelphia, PA!

  • from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)

Received a late night text from Pedro seeking help in finding his recently lost rose gold wedding band. In speaking with Pedro the following morning he shared that he suffered a sleepless night thinking of his lost band which had disappeared off his finger the day before. We had a big snowstorm in Philadelphia Friday night and the next day Pedro and his wife, Bruna, went for a little adventure in the snowy park nearby. He shared with me that his ring was only 10 months old….a little  loose and he had just put moisturizer on his hands prior to leaving for the park. While at the park he removed his gloves at different times to take pictures with his phone. He did not realize his ring was missing off his hand till later that evening at home.

I agreed to meet them with my metal detector at the park Sunday morning. Here is the good news…Pedro had a pretty good idea as to the areas where they stopped and he took off his gloves to take pictures…he also told me his wife wears the exact ring as him(maybe a little smaller) enabling me to scan it and set up my detector to zero in on it. Here is the bad news….huge park…big crowds…and they covered quite a bit of ground on their walk. When I got to the park I was a little intimidated by the size of the search area…but my experience always tells me to start at the end of the walk and/or where they feel they most likely lost and work toward the beginning. I firstly had Bruna put her identical ring on the ground and demonstrated to them that if they put me over the lost one I will definitely pick it up with my machine…I was also able to eliminate signals from all other metals. We then proceeded to walk a 1/4 mile through the park to the very end of their adventure where they stopped to make a snowman and Pedro took pictures. It was the most amazing thing….while I had a little bit of a feeling that I was  searching for a needle in a haystack I also felt good about the strategy to start searching where I did. I started to detect around the area where they built the snowman and was on my 4th pass when I got a good signal on my machine….I looked down and there was a gold rim just breaking the surface of snow! I couldn’t believe it…don’t think I even searched 10 minutes! I didn’t even bend down… I looked at Bruna and Pedro and smiled. They both said no way! I called Pedro over and pointed at the snow…I think us Ring Finders live for this moment! To say they were surprised and excited would be an understatement. They were such a nice couple…it brought me such great joy to be able to come trough for them. They will be heading back to Brazil next year…its cool that I was able to provide such a great and interesting memory from there time here!


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