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Lost Platinum & Diamonds Wedding ring at Hale Koa Beach Waikiki…FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I received a call from Bebe who resides from Telluride, Colorado. Bebe explained that while she was holding her girlfriend Hannah’s Platinum & Diamonds Wedding ring for safekeeping while she went snorkeling…Bebe promptly lost it while throwing a football to her six year old nephew. It slid right off her pinkie and somewhere into the sand. Several beach-goers searched but no luck. Even a metal detectorist came through with a substandard machine and all it did was make noise. I told Bebe to stop searching and get rid of the detectorist. I would be there in 30 minutes time. She agreed and just guarded her spot on the beach. When I arrived we marked out a grid in the dry sand about the size of 16 parking stalls. First target was a quarter and then Boom the sound of Platinum. Its very distinct on the Excalibur. One scoop down and there was Hannah’s gorgeous ring. Elapsed time 3 minutes. These hunts are the best. Aloha to Hannah and Bebe best friends again!

Lost Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring at Hilton Hawaiian Village…..FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

On Monday David Sheldon a Ring Finder on Maui passed a lost ring on Oahu to Don Bryant. Since I’m very familiar with the Hilton Hawaiian Village area Don asked me to join him on the hunt. A 1 carat diamond ring is so special we weren’t going to let one of the other detectorists snag it. We met Brian & Brittany at the beach to get details. Brittany entered the water and the rocks were hurting her feet. Brian told her to just dive in and swim towards him where it was sandy. She did and on the second stroke her ring came off. They searched fruitlessly for a few hours and had to give up. That’s when they Googled lost ring and found David. When we started the search the tide was up and the rocky area was murky and it was all Don and I could do to dig targets. After three hours we had fishing lures, weights, coins and two other rings but not Brittany’s. The best time to search this area is at low tide which was 1209 PM the next day. I was able to get off from work but Don is extremely busy this time of year. We told Brian and Brittany I would be back at noon and give it another shot and bring scuba gear if necessary. After searching another hour the next day with nothing but more change and lead weights I asked Brittany if she could demonstrate for me as much as possible in the water what she did. It turns out she realized she was much further out than she originally imagined. Great, deeper and clearer water. I shifted my grid search and on the start of my second leg the sound of a platinum ring was screaming in my headphones. I slipped under water with my snorkel but couldn’t see the ring. I turned on my underwater pin-pointer and there about 2 inches down a shiny object came to the surface. Wow! That was a big rock compared to the Size 6 ring. I stood up and yelled to Brittany who was now tanning on the beach. “I think I got your ring” “Really, are you kidding?” she replied. I said, “Come out and look…no stay there I’ll come to you.” As we met on the beach I could see the emotions pouring from Brittany’s face. Overjoyed and a sigh of relief were so apparent. She immediately put the ring back on her finger and gave me a tremendous hug and thanks. She called Brian who was in the room and he rushed down to see what they thought was gone forever. Now their vacation could begin in an upbeat fashion. Aloha to Brittany & Brian.