Lost Platinum Wedding Band at Lanikai Beach...............FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)



I received a call from Michael at around 4PM that earlier in the day he lost his Platinum Wedding Band in shallow water at Lanikai Beach. He told me he was leaving the next day and I knew the surf was coming up. With just a few hours of daylight left and a 45 minute drive I needed to meet them on the beach that evening. Lanikai as with most popular beaches in Hawaii is detected heavily and I didn’t want him to lose his ring. Then I found out my daughter had taken my truck so it was my wife’s van or this wasn’t going to happen. So my wife Wendy and daughter Korin loaded up and we were off to Lanikai to meet Michael. Surprisingly the traffic was light and we made it there in 30 minutes. Michael took me to the spot where he thought the ring came off and I did the usual wave curl first. That took about 15 minutes and I only found a quarter. I talked to Michael about how he lost the ring and he explained he was swimming in and as soon as his feet hit sand is when his ring came off. His lovely wife Yvonne also pointed out we should probably be looking a little more to the South. Why do women always have a better sense of location then us men because about 5 minutes later I had another really loud target and in the scoop was Michael’s platinum band. Altogether about 20 minutes and they get to leave tomorrow with Michael’s ring back on his finger. Michael commented that his ring normally fits very tight. I let him know typically you can lose two ring sizes in salt water. Aloha to Michael and Yvonne.