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Lost Diamond Pendant, Burnaby BC… Found!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

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Today I received a call from a young lady who told me that she had lost her gold & diamond pendant. She told me that she had lost it off of her patio and she felt it come off but didn’t hear where it landed. Her and her girlfriend had spent hours looking for the pendant with no luck. The reason that she knew to call TheRingFinders was because a month earlier her husband had hired me to look for his lost platinum wedding band. Unfortunately he lost it last summer, I had no luck or no chance in finding it because it was a heavily hunted beach a lot of time had passed before I did my search.

I arranged to meet the young lady after work and shortly after 8:30 PM I arrived at the search location, I met her and she showed me where she was standing when she lost her diamond pendent, she showed me where they were looking and also told me that she took all the plants out of the flower pot and search the dirt because it made sense to her it could’ve fallen into the flower pot. After not finding it in the flower pot she moved her search below the deck and into the grass but couldn’t understand why she didn’t see it in the short grass, I decided my search at the first place she thought it was lost and that was the flower pot, I put my pin pointer into the flower pot and I got a good signal right away. She was surprised to hear my pin-pointer go off and said that she had searched it with no luck earlier in the day.

Well after only about a minute of searching I found her beautiful diamond pendant and I was able to surprise her, it’s truly amazing where these sentimental items end up being found, especially after people have search for many hours and couldn’t find it.

I have the best job in the world I get to help find these beautiful items and also return the smile back to the people…I love my job!!













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Lost diamond gold pendant recovered in Linthicum Heights, Maryland!

  • from Baltimore (Maryland, United States)

I was recently contacted by a long time friend and fellow coworker from many years ago. He stated that during casual conversation he discovered that one of his coworkers (and mine from many years ago as well) lost a diamond and gold pendant while doing yard work a week or so prior. We immediately made plans to search for it the next morning.

I met with my friend Scott and my previous coworker Ying at her home and after some reacquainting and reminiscing,  I began searching for the pendant. Ying informed me exactly where she was in her yard when she felt the piece of jewelry was lost. She went on to say that it was about a week prior when the incident happened and since then she purchased a metal detector to attempt to recover it herself. Unfortunately she was unsuccessful. I informed her that many people who contact me looking for lost rings and other jewelry do that same thing. There is a learning curve that comes with detecting, not to mention that not all metal detectors are created equal. I then got to work and after about 20 minutes SUCCESS!

Ying was beside herself when I pulled the pendant from her lawn. It was a great morning! Not only did I get to catch up with my friend, but I was able to return a piece of jewelry to a coworker from years ago and bring joy to her at the same time!

Twinkling In My Eyes! Stunning Diamond Pendant Found In Gig Harbor, Washington! Eyeballed!

  • from Seattle (Washington, United States)

Tuesday I got a voicemail in regards to a lost white gold and diamond pendant in Gig Harbor… It was in a basket of personal items that was in the back of Jennifer’s SUV, and someone forgot to completely latch it! At some point the basket fell out of the car onto a relatively busy country road and spilled all the contents! Including an extremely valuable and sentimentally significant diamond pendant! They exhausted themselves looking but were only able to find the main, larger items on the side of the road. She suspected the pendant had hit the grassy ditch and a metal detector would be the right tool to locate it.

Since I was busy during the week, I had to postpone the search until the weekend, and was hoping no one had found it in the meantime. We met this Friday afternoon and went over the story, pictures and location where it had occurred. Since it was a busy road, we had to be mindful of cars as we walked to the area. I left the metal detectors behind in my truck, planning to retrieve one as soon as the details were all clear… then I’d begin the hunt!

Imagine our surprise and elation when within 2 minutes of arriving on the scene, I SPOTTED THE DIAMONDS TWINKLING IN THE SUN!!! ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD!!!

NO METAL DETECTOR NEEDED!!! One stone was loose but near the pendant and it appeared to be in great shape other than the loose diamond! Another happy ending to a very stressful few days in this families life. Glad I could help, and just a little sorry it was so easy this time 😉

Dazzling diamonds eyeballed!

Super excited to be so lucky!

Smiling Faces!

Lost Diamond Pendant .. Newport Beach, CA. .. Found in Sand

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

It was raining this morning when I received a call from Cindy. She had been on the beach in front of her house with her dog for a couple hours. When she returned to her house her daughter notice that Cindy’s diamond pendant was missing. This diamond was given to her by her late husband and passed down in the family for over 80 years, very sentimental.
Thinking back over what might have happened, Cindy remembered that her drag had jumped up on her while playing with him. This may have been where the chain was broken and the pendant might be there. Otherwise it could have been anywhere on the beach as they had walked quite a distance.
I told her I was very close and would be there as soon as the rain let up. When I arrived, I could see that she had a beginners type metal detector and an assortment of sifting tools. She had tried searching but it didn’t show up. Her daughter had heard about TheRingFinders.com and suggested her mom call me.
I was not sure if there was enough gold in the piece of jewelry to get a decent signal, but after 20 minutes I got a faint sound that turned out to be Cindy’s diamond pendant. After returning it, Cindy told me that if it wasn’t found, she could not bear the thought of walking on the beach knowing that her family keepsake was out there somewhere. Well, she won’t have to worry about that now that it’s back where it belongs.. I love doing this and it was a pleasure to help Cindy.imageimage